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District 42 Leaders (2016/2017)

District Leaders are part of Toastmasters International, an organization with a noble mission to empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.  Serving as a District Leader is a great responsibility and an exciting opportunity.  District Leaders help to foster an atmosphere of enjoyment, teamwork, and dedication in the spirit of learning, growing and achieving.

Click on the appropriate email link to contact any of our District Leaders if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions. We have a comprehensive list below for your reference.

You can also click here to find the clubs under each area.

We appreciate your time and feedback to help contribute to the success of all Toastmasters in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Title Name Picture Email
District Executive
District Director Carolyn Kaldy quality-program-director-carolyn-kaldy-dtm-district-42-south-calgary-150x150
Program Quality Director John Bauer john-bauer-d42-program-quality-director-2016-2017-calgary-canada-150x150
Club Growth Director Catherine Secundiak catherine-secundiak-d42-club-growth-director-2016-2017-regina-canada-150x150
Public Relations Manager Eugene Sicat prm-eugene-sicat-photo-150x150
Administration Manager Shadna Rana shadna-150x150
Finance Manager Laurel Wingert laurel-wingert-150x150
Statistician Nikki Guyett nikki-guyett-150x150
Website Administrator Justice Daka
Social Media Coordinator Bev Ward
Club Extension Chair Brad Korbo brad-korbo-150x150
District Contest Chair Nandini Venkatesan
District Chief Judge Stephen Larocque
Club Retention Chair Mary Schoendorfer
District Leadership Committee Chair Jacqueline Schnider jacquiesniderphoto150x150
District Alignment Committee Chair Jacqueline Schnider jacquiesniderphoto150x150
District Procedures Committee Chair Dona Wheaton
Youth Leadership – S. Alberta (including Calgary) Blake Palmer
Youth Leadership – S. Saskatchewan (including Regina) Natasha Gallant
Division Executive
Division A Director Linda Vanneste divison-a-linda-vanneste-150x150
Division B Director Ryan Rupchan division-b-ryan-rupchan-150x150
Division C Director JacquelineMarie Clement division-c-jacquelinemarie-clement-150x150
Division D Director Miranda Anderson division-d-miranda-anderson-150x150
Division E Director Darlene Hilland division-e-darlene-hilland-150x150
Division F Director Adesola Omotayo division-f-adesola-omotayo-150x150
Area Executive
Area A10 Director Parvaneh Naderi
Area A50 Director Cheryl Dust 
Area A52 Director Suzn Morgan
Area A53 Director Alexander Jamieson
Area A59 Director Dunstant Taylor
Area B4 Director Anne James
Area B18 Director Wayne Cameron
Area B24 Director Thomas Blair
Area B33 Director Jill Watson
Area B42 Director Patricia Hooper
Area C3 Director Taofeek Ayinde
Area C11 Director Richard Anton
Area C39 Director James Thorson
Area C43 Director Chad Ayers
Area C54 Director Sherwin Flores
Area D8 Director Duncan Schuett
Area D23 Director Brenda Patterson
Area D36 Director Rosetta Sanders
Area D38 Director Charles LeBlanc
Area E41 Director Katherine Young
Area E45 Director Susan Norrie
Area E46 Director Behnam Fonouni
Area E48 Director Geoffrey Dixon
Area E60 Director Flo Scherpenisse
Area F5 Director Kelly Snider
Area F20 Director Gary Dawson
Area F34 Director Lynette Theriault
Area F49 Director Donna Wheatcroft
Area F63 Director Laura Chambers

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