District 42 Leadership Opportunities

Are you looking to take your leadership skills to the next level?  Do you want to gain valuable leadership experience to put on your resume? Interested in developing new skills you don’t get to in your day J.O.B.? Do you have a passion for the Toastmasters Program?  Do you want to EMPOWER others and make this the BEST YEAR EVER in District 42?  Then we want you to join the District team!!

Please review the available positions below (more to come) and email the District Trio with your interest.  We’ll respond, have a chat about your gifts and talents, get you in touch with experienced Toastmasters who have been in this position before and see what role will best get you to the next level of leadership.

Email: DistrictTrio@d42tm.org


Training Program Chair

Ensures district leaders have resources, materials and information they need to conduct high quality and consistent club officer training across the District.  Prepares and evaluates trainers and coordinates the district training schedule.


Mentoring Program Chair

Ensures that clubs have materials and information they need to create a formal member mentoring program.  Facilitate leadership mentoring opportunities throughout the district.


Member Experience Chair

Ensure members are being heard and having the “best ever” experience in Toastmasters.  This includes collecting feedback and evaluations from members and clubs on how well the district is serving their needs.


Recognition Administration Chair

Develops and executes program for recognizing member and club accomplishments.  Oversees awards program at district conventions.


Chief Judge

Serves as Chief Judge at Spring and Fall District Speech Contests. Conduct training for judges and advise on judging issues and questions.


Contest Chair

Serves as Contest Chair at Spring and Fall District Speech Contests. Ensures that clubs have materials and information they need to conduct contests. Conduct training on how to conduct a speech contest and advise on contest issues and questions.

Spring Convention Chair

The Convention Chair is the overseer of the convention. The Convention Chair (along with the Program Quality Director) has overall responsibility for coordinating the convention.  You lead a team of committee which may include:

  • Program Chair – The Program Chair works closely with the Facilities Chair to ensure that the agenda runs smoothly and in a timely manner. This is very important for the success of the convention.
  • Facilities Chair – Conventions fall under the responsibility of the Program Quality Director while the District Director chooses the convention facilities recommended by the PQD. Once the District Director has signed the contract with the representative from the convention center and has made financial arrangements to pay for the food and other costs the Facilities Chair steps in to meet with hotel staff in planning the event.
  • Educational Chair – The Educational Chair is responsible for the educational program of the convention, including break-out and general sessions. This person identifies, contacts and schedules the break-out and general session educational presenters and works with the Volunteer Coordinator to find introducers who will assist the Educational Chair in introducing the presenters, working with them to make their presentations successful, making sure that rooms have the equipment and supplies they need and presenting them with token gifts at the completion of their sessions.
  • Publicity Chair – The Publicity Chair is responsible for getting the word out about the convention to the membership and other parties of interest. This would include initial promotion at the preceding convention.  The person in this position would work closely with the Registration Chair to create a flyer to send out to the membership.  All committee members should participate in choosing a theme and creating a symbol or logo to represent that theme.
  • Registration Chair – The Registration Chair handles convention registration, distributes convention information to attendees and collects money from them.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – The purpose of the Volunteer Coordinator is to identify and recruit Toastmaster members to serve as volunteers during the convention and to recommend them to committee chairs and District Leadership for convention tasks. The Volunteer Coordinator may also help the Contest Chair and Chief Judge in identifying volunteers for the contest.
  • Friday Night Social Chair – This person is responsible for the kickoff event of the convention. The activities that are selected for this social event set the tone for the convention. This should not be a daunting task, but rather an exciting event to plan. The purpose of the Friday Night Social is to promote getting to know other Toastmasters within District 42 and TO HAVE FUN!!

Division Assistants

Assistant Division Director Program Quality

  • Promote members’ achievement of education awards (for example, by sending congratulatory notes to award winners)
  • Support area directors in enhancing club quality (for example, by presenting Moments of Truth (Item 290) at club meetings)
  • Ensure area directors visit each club in their areas at least twice a year and submit an Area Director’s Club Visit Report
  • Encourage areas to meet their Distinguished goals (for example, by sending gift certificates for the Toastmasters online store to areas that become Distinguished)
  • Coordinate and conduct division speech contests (for example, by creating a program for the contest)

Assistant Division Director Club Growth

  • Help area directors ensure club dues are submitted on time (for example, by contacting area directors as the deadlines approach)
  • Help maintain 20 or more members in each club (for example, by sharing best practices of other areas)
  • Assist area directors with member retention programs (for example, by promoting district events to broaden the member experience)
  • Help area directors to strengthen weak clubs (for example, by directing area directors to club coach candidates outside their areas)
  • Promote club growth (for example, by identifying leads in the community)

Club Coach / Club Mentor

What is a Club Coach?

You are there to advise a club; make suggestions on ways they can improve. You are not there to do the work for the members and leaders. Your objective is to rebuild a club by helping them reach the Distinguished Club Program goals, including membership number goals.

Being a Club Coach will fulfill a requirement to earn your Advanced Leader Silver award. You do not need to have reached any specific level in Toastmasters or given a specific number of speeches to be a coach. However, you cannot coach a club of which you are a member. The club coach relationship will last for at least a year and many coaches find themselves staying and joining the club when the year is over. Club Coaches are appointed by the District Club Growth Director.

Click Here for more information on Club Coach benefits and duties.


What is a Club Mentor?

A mentor is someone who shares his or her expertise and knowledge with one or more people who have less experience.

Mentoring a new Toastmasters club is similar in many ways to mentoring a single person.  Mentors are the advisors and tutors for new clubs and have a great effect on the degree to which a new club succeeds.

New club mentors are experienced members who may join the newly chartered club and provide support and guidance through the new club’s first six months to one year


Click Here for more information on Club Mentor benefits and duties.