2018/2019 – Nominated District 42 Candidates

Congratulations to the members listed below for being nominated for 2018-2019 District Leadership. These candidates have been nominated by the District Leadership Committee.


To learn more about each candidate click on their biography and do not forget to attend the candidate showcase on Friday April 27, 2018 during the Spring Convention. Each one of these members will be seeking your vote at the District 42 Council Meeting on Saturday, April 28, 2018.

Any additional candidates not on this list may still campaign, participate in the candidate showcase, and run from the floor at the district business meeting

District Director Catherine Secundiak Click Here
Program Quality Director Dunstant Taylor Click Here

Club Growth Director Christina Kruis Click Here
Ryan Rupchan Click Here
Division A Director
Division B Director Laurel Wingert Click Here
Division C Director
 Division D Director
Division E Director Lynette Theriault Click Here
 Division F Director


If you are still interested in running for any of the District Leadership Positions, reach out to the District Leadership Committee at DLC@d42tm.org