Real World Showcase

Calling all Exhibitors for the Real World Showcase!

This is a brand-new offering for the District and is in trial mode. If we’re successful, you may see more events like this Showcase at future conferences!

This is What We Are Advertising to the District:


Real World Showcase at the Spring Convention

Learn from fellow members how they’ve turned their Toastmaster skills into a viable career. Purchase their products to apply in your own world.

Are you a member of District 42? Do you own a small business where you show off your Toastmaster skills every day? We want to hear from you!

Contact Susan Cramer ( to apply for a Showcase space.


This is the Floor Plan and Show Hours:


This is How Much it Costs

  • Each Exhibitor must pay for their spot and donate a door prize valued at $100 (or more) to the Convention to give to event attendees.
  • Exhibitors are also encouraged to have something at their booth to set them apart from other exhibitors, but this is not mandatory (i.e., chocolate, candy, small giveaways).
  • Your spot is not guaranteed until payment is received. You can make payment here:


# Spots Available and Participants per Table
Table Length Spots per Table # Tables Total Spots Cost/ Spot
12-ft 4-ft ea., 3 per table 3 9 $50
12-ft 6-ft ea., 2 per table 2 4 $75
6-ft 6-ft ea., 1 per table 2 2 $90
7 15


These are Your Benefits for Exhibiting with Us

  • The Showcase is in a high traffic area all Convention attendees must pass through.

  • The Sgt at Arms will read a 2-3 sentence blurb about your company to the entire assembly when your door prize is awarded.

  • You will be able to sell any products or services you offer to an audience with a common interest in communication and leadership. The Convention program will direct people to the exhibits area (see program excerpt below). At future Conferences, early table registration will see your company name in the Program (ran out of time for that this year.) The Program content will look something like this:

Real World Showcase

Located throughout the Convention Lobby

Learn from fellow members how they’ve turned their Toastmaster skills into a viable career. Purchase their products to apply in your own world.


Other Fine Print

  • We are unable to secure the Exhibition area, so exhibitors are accountable and responsible for anything they leave in this area.
  • Toastmasters International dictates the Showcase close during the District Business Meeting which is Saturday, April 28, from 9:00-11:00 AM.