Circle of Gold is Here To Stay in Division A

A strong showing of division contestants and feedback volunteers resulted in a wonderful learning experience on March 29, 2018 in the Division A Circle of Gold at Fluor. Thank you to Fluor Communicators and MVP Advanced Toastmasters for the beautiful facility and support for this meeting.

Four International Speech contestants and one Evaluation contestant participated. Several other area winners came to offer ideas with the feedback team of over seven seasoned Toastmasters. We laughed, we cried, we danced, and we reflected on strong messages throughout the delivery of the speeches. Suggestions using the guidelines of “Content, Voice and Body” directed the feedback comments to be specific and detailed. We all witnessed advice that was thoughtful, organized and well received by speakers.

Statements about the evening include:

“Once it gets rolling, the enthusiasm is infectious, and we just can’t stop ourselves from saying something and being as helpful as we possibly can.”

“Great evening of learning and some key feedback to make my speech better…greatly appreciated.”

“I just wanted to thank you again for organizing the Circle of Gold last night and inviting me to attend.”

“It was a wonderful learning experience and it’s going to help me make my speech even better for the next level. I hope these sessions continue in the future.”

“Thank you to all the contestants and volunteers who gave of their night to be a part of improving the presentations at our Division A Contest! The cheerfully given support and high energy certainly creates better speakers, evaluators and leaders in a friendly environment. The concept of Circle of Gold provides many hidden benefits and makes our members stronger on and off the competition stage.”

“The experience is fun and worthwhile for competitors and supporters alike.”

Circle of Gold is here to stay in Division A!
By Christina Kruis, Division A Circle of Gold Coordinator

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