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The Pathways learning experience is a reality in all of Toastmasters. After years of anticipation the new Toastmasters Education Program has rolled out in every district worldwide. Several thousand Toastmasters have taken their initial assessment and enrolled in one of the ten paths. Pathways Ambassadors and Guides are working with clubs to assist club leaders and their members with a smooth transition.

At the end of July 2018 Ambassadors and Guides will have fulfilled their responsibilities to the clubs. The District’s leaders believe clubs will continue to need some support as their members navigate the new world of Pathways. In order to provide support, District 42 is looking for Pathways Assistants. These assistants will be paired with Division and Area Directors for the 2018-19 Toastmaster year.  They will become part of the Division or Area Director’s team to help clubs fully transition to Pathways.

Pathways Assistant Duties.

Pathways Division Assistants (Education Assistant to Division Director)

​As an integral member of the Division Director team, the Pathways Division ​Assistants works closely with the Chief Ambassador, Program Quality Director, ​and Division Director, while partnering with their division’s Pathways Area Assistants to assist ​clubs with their Pathways needs.

  • Assist the Division Director with regard to club implementation of the Pathways learning experience.
  • Act as liaison between Area Assistants and the Chief Ambassador and Program Quality Director.
  • Work directly with the Pathways Area Assistants on Pathway issues and education needs.
  • Support the Division Directors’ education goals with regard to Pathways.
  • Work with the Division Director, Area Directors, Pathways Area Assistants and club leaders to develop and monitor an effective support system.
  • Remain current on Pathways program enhancements, and communicate them to the Division’s Area Assistants, using training sessions, council meetings and other communication methods which may be appropriate.
  • Submit all Pathways questions, concerns and enquires to Chief Ambassadors and Program Quality Director.

Pathways Area Assistant (Education Assistants to Area Directors)

​As an integral member of the Area Director’s team, the Pathways Area Assistant​works closely with the Program Quality Director, Pathways Division Assistant, ​Club Executive team and Club members to enhance members experiences in ​Pathways.

  • Assist the Area Director with regard to club implementation of the Pathways learning experience.
  • Act as the point of contact to assist the Area’s clubs in developing Pathways training sessions and new member orientation plans.
  • Collaborate with the Division Assistant to develop a process for club training, reporting and for support including guidelines on how to handle Pathway issues.
  • Support Vice President Education, Club Presidents and or club Executive teams by scheduling regular visits or virtual support sessions.
  • Conduct club visits to raise awareness and build membership excitement for the education program focusing on the “how”, “where”, “what”.
  • Work with club executive team on base camp manager duties and processes.
  • Submit all Pathways questions, concerns and enquires to the Pathways Division Assistant.

Term of Office:  July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

If you are interested in becoming a Pathways Assistant please contact our Chief Pathways Coordinator, Grant Hanna at

To contact a Pathways Assistant please see the table below

John McDonaldjmcdonald@d42tm.orgDivision A
Wendy Dirksonwdirkson@d42tm.orgArea A01 & Area A07
Veronica Schrodervschroder@d42tm.orgDivision B
Sean Trithardtstrithardt@d42tm.orgDivision B - Area B4
Bob Leierbleier@d42tm.orgDivision B - Area B9
Donna Friesendfriesen@d42tm.orgDivision B - Area B18
Nicole Mcleannmclean@d42tm.orgDivision B - Area B24
Zoe Exnerzexner@d42tm.orgDivision C
Rayanne Rodierrrodier@d42tm.orgDivision D
Jocelyn Hastiejhastie@d42tm.orgDivision D
Shelley Hoyeshoye@d42tm.orgArea D23
Ayesha Qureshiaqureshi@d42tm.orgDivision E - Area E19 & E28
Andre Cronjeacronje@d42tm.orgArea E13
Darlene Daviesddavies@d42tm.orgArea E13
Laura Chamberslchambers@d42tm.orgDivision F
Taofeek Ayindeetayindee@d42tm.orgDivision F
Marvin Henrymhenry@d42tm.orgArea F20 (preferred)
Area E30
Iryna Kovalikoval@d42tm.orgArea C3 - Sundial Club
Area C11 - Shell, Twin River, Calgary Talkers, CMA Toastmasters Club
Area C17 - Integrated Sustainability
Area C22 - Delloitte Calgary Club
Area E25 - Palliser Toastmasters
Area E25 - Nex To Speak Club
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