Toastmaster’s Pathways Program Like a Journey

by Randy Maus – District 42 Member of 10 Months

We are often told to enjoy the journey as life is not about the destination, but how we get there. The journey is often painful, challenging and requires us to give up something in the process of gaining something new.

I see a similar story with the new Toastmasters Pathways educational program. Pathways requires me to change. It requires that I start another journey. The part of the journey most stories don’t talk about is the preparation. With advance preparation, a journey can be a grand adventure. Lack of preparation can result in trauma from a bad experience.

As I start my Pathways journey, the preparation I’ve taken has helped me have a fun experience and embrace this new educational program. Three steps of preparation have made a key difference for me.

Step #1 – I set aside time in my schedule to login to Basecamp and explore. Becoming familiar with the road reduced my anxiety and annoyance. I started to understand how Pathways works. Setting aside 15 minutes a week made a huge difference in my understanding of the Pathways educational program. By the end of my first month, I was more comfortable and confident. It required a commitment in time, but nowhere near what I thought it would need.

Step #2 – I attended a webinar with our Pathways Guide. It was exceptionally useful because I was the only attendee. For the full hour, I asked every question I had about the Pathways program. I received one-on-one tutoring and after this session, I understood much more about how Pathways works. This webinar had resolved all my questions. It was amazing!

Step #3 – I scheduled my ice breaker speech. There is no better way to learn the new system and get yourself to commit than scheduling your first speech. Once you do, you experience the Pathways program first hand. After you complete your second speech, it is no longer the “new” program. It becomes your new standard.

I encourage everyone to explore the new Toastmasters Pathways educational program. Like anything new, it takes a bit of time but no where near what you think. The new Pathways program is amazing and takes your learning and the Toastmasters organization to the next level. Use these three steps to prepare yourself and turn the Pathways experience into your wonderful speaking and leadership journey.

Article by Randy Maus – District 42 Toastmaster member of 10 months

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