Typical D42TM setup for trade shows and fairs – D42 attends as many as we can, minding our cost and volunteer time

Canadian Immigrant Fair – Calgary – Oct 3, 2018

The Calgary Immigrant Fair was held at the Genesis Centre Calgary on Oct 3 and District 42 was exhibiting in full force. With Josephine, Christina and Terry at the helm, District 42 had the opportunity to talk with approximately 50 passers by who stopped by during the 6 hour show and tell us about their knowledge of Toastmasters. Immigrants and new Canadians make up a significant population in Calgary. Many are also members of our 100+ clubs in the Calgary area. They add another dimension to our meetings with their cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Fairs like this are a good chance for Toastmasters to impress upon the public how many valuable skills being a member can bring.

We also had a chance to speak to some of the exhibitors, who could also benefit by connecting with Toastmasters. For us members, it’s a chance to practise and put our softskills training to good use. In fact, our booth was just several down from the Calgary Public Library (CPL) who District 42 has had a mutual beneficial relationship for many years in Calgary, as CPL advertises, administers and provides the meeting rooms for our Youth Leadership Programs (YLP).

Christina is working with Tereasa from the CPL to charter a bilingual Toastmasters Club. While at this fair, Tereasa volunteered to give her testimonial on how noticeable their co-worker was transformed after she joined Toastmasters Program. Hear what Tereasa had to say in her video by clicking on her pic below.

Click on this pic to hear Tereasa shares her observation of a co-worker transformed by becoming a member of Toastmasters

While talking to the other exhibitors, Terry had a chance to also provide a video testimonial about District 42’s offering to the show management to be used for promoting this Immigrant Fair next year. These fairs are great ways to meet our audience and see what their challenges are; where Toastmasters can help them. It’s also a good time to network with other vendors.

Terry, Josephine & Christina – always having fun at trade fairs

Josephine states, “Multilingual speakers and International students will benefit from learning  the basics of Toastmasters transferrable skills in communication and leadership. They can excel in the fundamentals, expand the resourceful learning and expressed in their own languages, and propel them forward on the international platform in the real world.”

Terry states, ” When it slows down, I like walking around and observing other exhibitors, who they are and what they are selling. I like to observe their eye contact, how inviting they are as I walk by and what their opening line, their “elevator speech” is. There is always a good chance and opportunity we Toastmasters can strategically connect with other institutions to create a “win-win” scenario where we join synergies to deliver a better service or product, in the way of speaking and leadership development, to the general public. By watching other exhibitors I get ideas of how our Toastmasters display booth can be arranged next time, to be more appealing and inviting.

We always have a doorprize draw and our winner of the Toastmasters briefcase was Katharine pictured below with Christina.

Katharine Won our TM briefcase Doorprize


Toastmaster Logo Recognized Globally

District 42 attends fairs such as this throughout the year, to meet and interact with the general public. For more information about District 42, visit our website at https://www.D42TM.org

Article by Terry D Kozlyk, DTM

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