District 42 Council Meeting Spring 2019

Are you going to Little Chicago (aka Moose Jaw, SK) for Spring Conference in May? Not sure?

Besides all the Educational sessions, Networking, Contests and just a great time, there is one event that is a must see and that is the District Council Spring Business Meeting!!!

What is the District Council Meeting and why it is important?

The District council is where the District conducts all of its business and is held twice a year in the Fall and Spring. At the Spring District Council meeting, we elect our leaders for next year, make procedural and club alignment changes (aligning clubs into areas and divisions) and learn what has happened this past year in the District.

Who makes up the District Council?

The District Council is made up of the following members of the District:

  • District Executive Committee: District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Immediate Past District Director, Public Relations Manager, Finance Manager, Administration Manager, Division Directors (6) and Area Directors (30)
  • Club Presidents and Club Vice Presidents Education

How do members of the District Council attend and vote at the District Council Meeting?

You may ask questions like “can I attend virtually or vote electronically”, and the answer is unfortunately “No”. This is as per Toastmasters Governing Documents Protocol 7.1 (District Events), Paragraph 9, Paragraph A and C, Subsection 1 and District Administrative Bylaws Article X, Paragraph D that both state that the meeting is held In-Person.

District Administrative Bylaws Article X, Paragraph D also covers the process if a Club President or VP Education are unable to attend. Here are the highlights:

  • Any member in good standing of a club in good standing may carry a proxy for their club
    • Must be a paid member of that club
  • Have the Proxy form signed by either the President or VP Education.
    • Can email a copy of the signed proxy form to the Credentials Chair (jbauer@d42tm.org) by May 1, 2019.
    • If the proxy form is not signed it is not considered valid
  • Proxy holder must present a paper copy to the Credentials Desk to receive ballot(s)

District Council Meeting Proxy Form

Clubs members may only hold a maximum of two (2) votes unless they are also a member of the District Executive Committee and then they can hold maximum three (3) votes.

Be prepared… voting members are asked to review all meeting reports and presentations prior to the meeting.  Take the time to review the materials presented to ensure you are making decisions that are in the best interest of our current and future members.  All current and previous District Council meeting minutes and files can be found by clicking on the link below:

District 42 Council Meeting Folders

Why is this different than the Fall District Council Meeting?

The Fall District Council Meeting was conducted virtually and allows for online attendance and voting whereas the Annual (Spring) meeting has to be in person.


Who is ready to attend one of the most exciting events at the Spring Conference?


Visit the District 42 Spring Conference website to learn more about exciting evenings planned and to register for the Spring Conference.


See you there!