Club Mission Statement Put To Music – A Pathways Project

by Shelley Goldbeck, DTM

Early in 2018, a motion at our WAAMtastic Toastmasters Club business meeting was passed requiring Shelley Goldbeck, member of WAAMtastic Toastmasters,  to put the club mission statement (which nobody can ever remember) to music. This was an effort to make it more memorable. At the November 28 meeting, Shelley finally delivered on her promise. In a Pathways project (Presentation Mastery) Shelley demonstrated her presentation style (initiator) while unveiling FIVE versions of the club theme song.

The first was to the tune of “My Favourite Things”, appropriate, being that Christmas was around the corner and Toastmasters is one of her favourite things!

The second version was to “London Bridge”, in honour of our guest Toastmaster from England, Dan MaGil who delivered his International Speech on courage.

For those who long for their childhood, Shelley next sang the club mission to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.

As a Cowboy Poet, Shelley HAD to include a western theme, so she sang it to “Home on the Range”.

Finally, to Jingle Bells, again, in the Spirit of Christmas.

Shelley invited the members to vote for their favorite (when they voted for the best Table Topic)

The club chose “My Favourite Things”.

Shelley provided the members with the video of her speech (the part with the song) so they can learn and practice it. Likely, the WAAMtastic Chorus will be ready to unveil their club mission song in the New Year.

In conclusion, Shelley stated, “The Pathways survey was correct. I am an initiator and I had a blast showing it!”

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