The Club Coach Program

Being a Club Coach fulfils a requirement to earn your Advanced Leader Silver award.

  • You do not need to have reached any specific level in Toastmasters or given a specific number of speeches to be a coach.
  • You cannot coach a club of which you are a member.
  • The club coach relationship will last for at least a year and many coaches find themselves staying and joining the club when the year is over.
  • You are there to advise a club; make suggestions on ways they can improve. You are not there to do the work for the members and leaders.
  • Your objective is to rebuild a club by helping them reach the Distinguished Club Program goals, including membership number goals.
  • Club Coaches are appointed by the District Club Growth Director.
  • Two Club Coaches may be appointed for any Club with 12 or fewer paid members.
  • A Club Coach may not be a member of the “At Risk” Club at the time of his or her appointment.
  • The Club Coach will receive a distinctive pin upon his or her appointment and further recognition upon successful completion of the program.
  • A Club Coach is successful if the Club becomes Distinguished during the Coach’s appointment. Successful Club Coaches receive credit toward the Advanced Leader Silver designation.
  • The term for a Club Coach can be extended one year beyond the year of appointment, upon request.

Be a Club C-O-A-C-H!

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To discuss the opportunity, please email Christina Kruis, Club Growth Director –

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