District 42 Opportunities

District 42 Leadership committed to “Leave no club and no member behind.”  

Are you looking for a project for Pathways or a High Performance Leadership (HPL) project or a project for completing your DTM? Explore the many opportunities available to help you achieve your goals as you acquire valuable leadership skills. Make a difference as you help share the load, contribute expertise and time, and connect to build community.

Work With the District Executive Team

Area A1 Director

  • The direct liaison between the district and the clubs.
  • Area directors conduct club visits twice a year within their respective areas to understand and support club needs.

District Contest Chair

  • Contests must be conducted in the same manner for all areas and divisions within the district.
  • For those districts that decide to conduct additional contests, those contests must originate at the club level and proceed through the area, division and district levels.
  • District-level contests are only held during the annual district conference.

Logistics Manager

  • Selects meeting locations and organizes the room
  • Ensures the atmosphere is conducive to successful events, such as business meetings, speech contests, and training.
  • Sets up necessary equipment
  • Assists district leaders with meeting arrangements
  • Distributes program materials
  • Keeps track of district property, and addresses disruptions during events.
  • A track record of organization and diplomacy are a must for this role. 

District Incentives Coordinator

  • Track member awards and organize ribbons for distribution

Club Coach

  • As club advisor, your responsibility is not to run the club but to let it know its options and guide it toward excellence.
  • Learn more

Moments of Truth Facilitators

  • Help clubs work through their Moments of Truth (MOT)
  • “Moments of Truth” discusses the standards necessary to create positive impressions about club service and provided a club evaluation exercise.

Speakers for Evaluation Contest

If you’d like to grow as a speaker by speaking outside your club, we’re seeking people to provide speeches for the Evaluation Speech Contests.

If you are interested, in any of the above, we can send you information to help take your leadership and communication skills to the next level!  Please contact Program Growth Director, Christina Kruis – CKruis@d42tm.org

Join Our PR Team

Are you ready to join a team where your voice is heard, and you have the opportunity to work with creative and fun projects on a regular basis? The Public Relations Team is seeking members with special skills, who are willing to help with our communications team this term.

  • Graphic Artists 
  • Media Relations Coordinator – Work with PRM on Press Releases and Media Followup
  • Social Media Coordinators – FB, Instagram, LinkedIn

Contact the Public Relations Manager, Marcy Field – MField@d42tm.org