Announcing Club Fitness Awards

Club Fitness Awards

Toastmasters District 42’s Program Quality Director, Christina Kruis, is please to annouce the The CLUB FITNESS AWARD.

This Award is given to clubs that:
> Confirm all emails for their entire membership are accurate
> Present Moments of Truth and provide the date of presentation
> Submit their Club Success Plan to their Area Director and Program Quality Director (

These three tasks must be completed by October 30.

Successful clubs will receive a Toastmasters cinch pack and water bottle.
Register here once you to apply for this award.
Here’s the link to the survey:

Saya has offered to present a Moments of Truth workshop. Each club can send a member to learn how to effectively present this workshop to their club.  Watch the EVENTS calendar for the date and location.  Moments of Truth tells our members we are listening to them. The club executive is creating the resources, strategies and support for members to achieve their goals. What a great way to increase retention and grow our clubs.    

ALSO as announced in latest Dispatch:

AD’s that submit all their AD reports before Oct 30 will be rewarded (and DD’s that have 100% AD reports submitted will be awarded too).  You will enjoy a TMI Coffee cup with a Smedly quote to remember your success.

Recognized Area Director Award!!! 

Do it right, get recognized.  Nice concept!!!


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