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DTM 2020 Traditional Pgm

READ THIS NOW if you are working in the Traditional TM Program. 

Don’t Miss Out!!

Do you have accurate information about completing awards in the Traditional TM program? Please read these tips to be sure you are achieving all you can before June 2020. Plan now and be successful.  The District can help and we are excited that members are supporting each other. 

1. The deadline to submit all educational awards for the Traditional program is June 2020. You can be on both the Traditional program and the Pathways programs at the same time.

That means there are only a few more months to complete any partially completed educational awards on the Traditional Program (CC, CL, ALB etc.) or to complete your DTM. Careful planning may be required. We encourage you to complete these awards and get credit for both you and your club for the work you have done. At this time, TI suggests you submit your award application in early June even if the requirements will not be completed until June 30. They will hold and process the application once the requirements are recognized.

2. Log on to the Toastmaster International site and make sure your profile is up to date. Have you received all of the education awards you think you have completed?

Sometimes educational awards get missed or not submitted and members do not always get credit for work they have completed. We want to make sure if you have done the work – you get the credit. Please check your profile under Education Awards on the Toastmaster International site.

3. Do an analysis of everything you have completed to date on the attached Traditional program requirements. What do you need to do to complete your next educational award or your DTM for June 2020?

This analysis will help you have a clear understanding of what you would need to do to complete any educational awards such as an Advanced Leadership Bronze or an Advanced Communication Gold. Please email us at for support.

4. If you need to be a club coach/mentor/ sponsorPlease email us at for support.

5. If you need to complete an HPL (High Performance Leadership project) to complete your ALS- Advanced Leadership SilverPlease email us at for support.

6. If you need to complete a Speechcraft, Youth Leadership or longer educational speech to complete your ACG- Advanced Communication gold, please email us at for support.  We need leaders for  events, contests, training and other creative initiatives.

6. If you need to be a District Officer for a year for your Advanced Leadership Silver and your DTM – THIS IS STILL POSSIBLE.  If the member becomes a successful coach by June 30, they will receive credit for both coach and District service.  Please email us PROMPTLY at for support.

7. We encourage you to submit your application for as many educational awards as possible to get credit for the work you have done on the Traditional program.

For example, many people have completed their Competent Communicator and their Competent Leader manuals as well as held a club executive role. Do you realize that if you attended club officer training and did two educational speeches, you are eligible for your Advanced Leadership Bronze award?

We want to see all our Toastmaster members who are currently on the Traditional program complete as many educational awards as possible and experience the success they deserve for all the hard work they have done over the years.

 Yours in Toastmasters,

Ann Nakaska, DTM

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