Division B Nomination for the Peter Francis Award





is Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 12 noon



Each year Division B Toastmasters recognizes one of our own who demonstrates, by example, the most essential quality of leadership: effective communication skills.

Does your club know someone who uses their communication skills as an achiever and a motivator?

Is there someone who has made a continued long-term contribution or a single profound individual effort involving a large number of people?

If she or he is a current or past Division B Toastmaster, resides in Division B, is NOT a past recipient of this award, and is NOT a current District Officer (District Officers include Division Director and Area Directors), show your appreciation for this person’s efforts, and nominate them.

The Award will be presented at the awards luncheon on November 16, 2019.

There is NO official nomination form. All you need to do is write a biography (NO more than three pages) which provides the supporting information on why your club feels the nominee deserves recognition.

The Division B Director must receive your nomination by noon on Saturday, November 2, 2019.  Email to divb@d42tm.org.

If you have any questions, please contact your Area Director.



The Peter Francis Communication and Leadership Award is presented to a current or past member of any of the Toastmaster Clubs in Division B who has demonstrated oneself to be an effective communicator and leader.

The Award was initiated by Division B in 1991 in the name of the late Peter Francis of Regina, a Distinguished Toastmaster, to recognize the contributions he made to Division B.

Mr. Francis joined the Toastmasters organization by becoming a member of the Plains Toastmasters Club. He took on many leadership roles at the club, city, provincial, and national levels of the organization. Mr. Francis had served as an Instructor for Public Speaking for the University of Regina. He served as a Scout Leader and a Regina Commissioner for the Boy Scouts of Canada. Mr. Francis served as a Team Captain for the United Way of Regina.



Division B will present this annual award in conjunction with the Table Topics and Evaluation Contests, November 16, 2019. (Fall Division B day)



  • Must be a resident of Division B.
  • Must be a past or current member of a Toastmasters Club in Division B.
  • Should be an achiever and motivator primarily in her or his capability in communicating.
  • Should demonstrate by example that the single most essential quality of leadership is effective communication skills.
  • Should be an individual who believes effective communication correlates success, recognition, and rewards.
  • Expected to have made a continued long-term contribution, except in circumstances when a single incident results in a profound individual effort involving a large number of people.
  • Must NOT be a past recipient of the Helgi Goodman or the Peter Francis Communication and Leadership Award.
  • Must NOT be a current District Officer (District Officers include Division Director and Area Directors).



  • Area Directors will distribute the background, award criteria, and presentation info to all clubs.
  • Clubs are to share this info with all members.
  • All clubs should be encouraged to use this format to recognize outstanding Toastmasters.
  • Clubs will submit all nominations to the Division Director by noonon Saturday, November 2, 2019.  Email to divb@d42tm.org.
  • The actual nomination will be in the form of a biography of no more than three pages. The biography will provide supporting information about why the club feels the nominee deserves recognition. A cover letter stating the name of the nominee must accompany the nominating biography.



  • A panel of Division B Area Directors will give the winner’s name to the Division B Director by noon on November 8, 2019.
  • The Division B Director will invite the winner to the presentation ceremony at noon on November 16, 2019
  • The Division B Director will deliver the presentation speech.



1991 – Ken Tanner

1992 – Helgi Goodman

1993 – Irene May

1994 – Robert Stedwill

1995 – Kathy McFarland

1996 – Ron Filleul

1997 – Jim Ollett

1998 – Spencer Silver

1999 – Brad Korbo

2000 – Lynn Silver

2001 – Connie Paus

2002 – Maryann Samida

2003 – Jill Dorrance

2004 – Faye Andrusiak

2005 – Bev Ward

2006 – Mary Hewson

2007- Susan Griffith

2008- No recipient

2009- David Bartolf

2010 – Margaret Ustupski

2011 – Lori Winnitowy

2012 – Shannon Vinter

2013 – Suzanne Vindevoghel

2014 – Brian Smyth

2015 – Everett Ritson

2016 – Elly Blackstock

2017 – Randle Edge

2018 – Ryan Rupchan



Clubs with questions should contact their Area Director. Area Directors with questions should contact the Division B Director.

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