Division E COG Online Rocks

Fellowship & Learning Online!

On May 1 2020, we held our first Division E COG online! Nine contestants practiced their speeches. They received helpful, insightful, and encouraging feedback from a stellar team led by Nandini. Afterwards contestants shared their experiences.

“This was like a masterclass in speaking.”

“I had heard of COG but now I have experienced it. This is amazing.”

Our tech team volunteers, Marvin, Ruby, and Geetha made everything seem easy. We started with a plenary session. Then contestants moved into two zoom breakout rooms for speech practice. We even had a breakout room for the evaluation contestants to write their notes. Two timers, Lina and Mary, kept us on track.

Darlene and Iris facilitated the meetings in the two rooms. With their welcoming manner, they set the tone for a safe place to practice and grow.  Many thanks to our feedback team: Nandini, Russ, Kelly, Harvey, Randy, Jennifer, Katrina and Saya.

Though we didn’t have our usual COG snacks, we did have learning, laughter and fellowship. Division E COG online really did rock!

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