Setting Our Sails for Success – Leadership Training

Welcome aboard!

District 42 we are offering you one more opportunity to gather in a big Zoom room before summer rises.

This time, we’ll come together for Leadership Training on 3 dates: June 16, 24 or 27.

Additionally, 30 different Toastmasters will share their best suggestions for Club and Club Leadership success .

Attend one or attend them all to learn from these proven leaders.

What makes a leader?

Effective leaders empower others to accomplish personal goals and contribute to the successful completion of group objectives. Leaders act as role models for others to emulate. They provide guidance and feedback throughout the course of assigned projects and often help others improve their skills. Great leaders inspire others to follow them.

This Leadership Training is an opportunity for Toastmasters to learn about a variety of topics as they prepare to enter their new roles for 2020-2021. The goal is for all 7 club officers to be trained, a minimum of 4 officers is required duirng this training period.

Important to Note:

In order to get credit as having a club officer trained, each club officer must:

  • Attend the session for their officer role and sign the sign in sheet
  • Attend 3 hours of training and sign the sign in sheet at each session attended

Training for June will take place online.


UPDATE: JUNE 17, 2020 

Toastmasters, if you already registered for training, you have received a notice of rescheduling. Unfortunately, we experienced a technical glitch Tuesday night when we working to send out a reminder email. The wrong button was pushed.

Registration for June 24 and June 27 training now available.

We are on a learning journey together. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

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