Call for District Leaders

Call for Area Director

We are still looking for Area Directors to lead some areas in Divisions C, E & F.  As Area Director, you serve a vital role in Toastmasters. Of all District leaders, you are the closest to clubs and members and are a direct link between them and the Division and District. It’s a rewarding role with many responsibilities. During your term you will do the following:

  • Visit every club in your area at least twice a year and more frequently if possible.
  • Hold regular Area Council meetings
  • Maintain regular contact with Club Presidents.
  • Encourage ideas and cooperation from clubs and members.
  • Ensure that every club in your area is of the highest quality so that members benefit from the Toastmasters education program.
  • Identify opportunities for club enhancement that help bring about positive change.
  • Support and motivate clubs to provide the best possible member experience, enhancing member retention and building membership.
  • Assist your Area and the clubs in it to earn Distinguished recognition, thereby contributing to Division and District recognition.

In your role as Area Director, you enhance your own communication and leadership skills while giving back to your community of Toastmasters. The invaluable experience you gain during your time as Area Director can prepare you for additional responsibility in Toastmasters leadership.

Call for Finance Manager

As the Finance Manager:

  • You are tasked with the fiscal oversight and management of the District
  • Work closely with the District Director, Program Quality Director, and Club Growth Director to ensure that the District is making cost-effective decisions—within policy—that result in effective fiscal management
  • Should have knowledge of accounting and be acquainted with the handling of financial matters.

Call for Credentials Chair

As the Credentials chair, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Oversee credentials during the District Executive Council (DEC) and District Council (DC), ensuring only eligible voters speak to or against a motion
  • An appropriate method of the anonymous vote is to be used (Zoom polls for online, closed, registered meetings (DEC), electronic ballots for an open, online or hybrid registered meeting (DC), paper ballots and ballot counters for in-person meetings.)
  • Ensure that only clubs in good standing, having voting members in good standing, have a voice at these meetings

If in person:

  • Ensure ballots issued are signed for upon receipt and are not duplicated by electronic ballots sent to District Council members using a personal electronic device
  • Ensure no campaign materials are in the credentials area

Contact our District Director Eugene Sicat, DTM  if you are interested in any of these positions. 

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