Circle of Gold and Pathways

Wouldn’t it be great to work with a group of other keen members in a Circle of Gold to learn and understand Pathways?

Participants could focus on understanding Base Camp … or focus on a Path(s)… or support members who want to achieve their DTM’s in the traditional program before the transition period ends in June/July 2020. Or any combination of those! The beauty of Circle of Gold peer mentoring is its ability to adapt to support and meet the needs of the participants!

All it takes is a few people who want to help each other develop and hone their skills in a chosen focus area. Exciting new possibilities!

Submitted by Darlene Davies


More Tips to Memorize your speech

More tips to memorize a speech was discussed at the 17 Feb 2018 Saturday Circle of Gold session. Three new contestants presented their speeches.  We learned that nothing beats the power of practice, practice and practice, of any speech.   Have you heard about the power of 21? One of our speakers’ practices the speech 21 times once she knows it is ready for delivery.

Gold Coins for Division A

by Darlene Davies

Nearly 40 people received gold coins (chocolate) at the Circle of Gold Workshop at the Division A COT training in the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour on Feb 10, 2018.

Led by Darlene Davies and Nandini Venkatesan, the theme was learning, experiencing and sharing the power of Circle of Gold. Our guest speaker, Lina, shared her draft speech; heard suggestions from the feedback team, Nandini, and two volunteers; and then redid the opening and closing using the suggestions. What a difference! Participants enthusiastically agreed to share what they learned with a resounding Halleluiah.

Tips to Memorize your speech

Saturday Circle of Gold session started on 10 Feb, 2018 with discussions on how to memorize a speech.  Chris reminded us of the age-old trick of selecting items in a room and associating or interacting with this item with parts of your speech. Tip and techniques will be discussed at the next session.  Two of our contestants were ready with the first draft of their speech which they read out for feedback on content.

Show and Tell

Val Erickson and Geetha N presented a COG session at the Mega TLI held at Evergreen Community Spaces on Feb 3, 2018.  It was a show-and-tell session where Christal Reed delivered a speech, got feedback from an evaluation team (Cheryl Dust, Nandini Venkatesan, Catherine Secundiak), worked on her feedback and delivered it again after 12 minutes! And what a show that was!