Circle of Gold

Experience the Power of Circle of Gold

How does it work?

Circle of Gold(COG) is a peer mentoring group that supports people who want to improve their speaking and evaluation skills. Circle of Gold has a workshop focus that helps about 8-10 participants become better speakers, evaluators, and leaders. It works at every level of expertise and every phase of developing a speech. COG can be a supplement to a Toastmaster program or other program, can be short term or long term, depending on the needs of the participants.

You can download the guide document here.

Circle of Gold groups can work on Toastmaster speeches, contest speeches, speeches for work, community and have a beginner, experienced or professional focus.

Form different types of groups:

    • Small groups with participants who have a variety of experience
    • Small groups with mainly beginning speakers
    • Accelerated groups for experienced or professional speakers
  • Groups to help speech contestants hone their speeches
  • Special focus groups such as learning humor, storytelling or motivational speeches

Whether you are working on your very first speech, brainstorming a speech idea, creating a story, learning how to deliver effectively, or honing a great speech, a Circle of Gold group helps participants take their skills to the next level.

It is friends helping friends succeed.


Circle of Gold Core Team

Darlene Davies, DTM
D42 Circle of Gold Resource, leading Circles of Gold since 2004
Christina Kruis, DTM
Circle of Gold promoter, Division F Coordinator
Geetha Nicodemus, DTM
Circle of Gold logistics, Leader of Saturday Circle of Gold
Nandini Venkatesan, DTM
Circle of Gold feedback team leader
Brad Korbo, DTM
Circle of Gold promoter, Division B Coordinator
Mary Jane McGrath
Launched Circle of Gold in Regina, retired.

Do you want to start your own?

Visit any of these groups to see how they function. Contact to make arrangements.

Saturday Circle of Gold – open group.

These seasoned Toastmasters focus on improving their writing and delivery for speeches at Toastmasters, work, or community as well as speech contests.
Timings: 9:30 to 11:30
Saturday Mornings
Innovate Calgary / Alastair Ross Technology Centre, 3553-31 St NW.

Leader: Geetha Nicodemus, email:

Division B Circle of Gold – Regina – open group.

The participants focus on honing speeches for Toastmasters, work, professional, community as well as Division B contestants.

Leader: Brad Korbo, email

Literally Speaking Circle of Gold –open to club members.

The participants focus on honing speech writing and delivery for the club, work, community or speech contests. They meet for one hour at noon on a different day than the club meeting, every two weeks, from Jan to early April. The final meeting is a two to three-hour speech workshop.

Leader: Lina Liu,

Circle of Gold for Division and District contestants – by invitation.

These groups focus on supporting Division speech contestants to help them prepare for the Division contests, improve speech delivery and gain confidence. They meet after the Area contests and before the Division contest and support their Division winners all the way on their contest journey.

Division Circle of Gold Coordinators

Division A : MVP Toastmasters (Christina Kruis), email:
Division B : Brad Korbo, email
Division C : Anastasia Betskova, email:
Division D  (Area 2 and 12): Bev LeBlanc, email:
Division D  (Area 8 and 23): Gail Sherley and Gail Maitland, email:
Division E : Darlene Davies, email:
Division F : Christina Kruis, email:

All the best in your journey!