Distinguished Club Program 

The Distinguished Club Program (DCP) is an annual award program recognizing clubs that provide an outstanding member experience. The program includes 10 goals that your club should strive to achieve each year. When your club incorporates Moments of Truth into every meeting, it is already well on its way to reaching these annual goals. Distinguished Club Program and Club Success PlanFor your convenience, the 10 goals have been grouped into four areas:
Education: Members who have the opportunity to earn education awards are reaching their goals.
Membership: When new members join, everyone’s experience is enhanced because your club has enough members to provide leadership and fill meetings and committee assignments.
Club Officers Training: Trained club officers are better able to serve and support your club because they know how best to fulfill their roles.
Administration: Fulfilling administrative duties, including submitting information on time, helps your club run more smoothly, which benefits members.

You can find more information in the Successful Club Series Set available for download at the Toastmasters International site.



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