District 42 Leaders (2019/2020)

District Leaders are part of Toastmasters International, an organization with a noble mission to empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.  Serving as a District Leader is a great responsibility and an exciting opportunity.  District Leaders help to foster an atmosphere of enjoyment, teamwork, and dedication in the spirit of learning, growing and achieving.

Click on the appropriate email link to contact any of our District Leaders if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions. We have a comprehensive list below for your reference.

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We appreciate your time and feedback to help contribute to the success of all Toastmasters in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Greg Ptashny

Title Name Picture Email
District Executive Leadership Team –
District Director Jocelyn Hastie
Program Quality Director Christina Kruis
Club Growth Director Ryan Rupchan
Public Relations Manager Marcy Field
Administration Manager Charmaine Bonifacio
Finance Manager Wendie Swirski
Immediate Past District Director Catherine Secundiak
District Leadership Committee Chair(s)

Catherine Secundiak
Logistics Manager
Eventbrite Administrator
Web Conference Support
Program Quality Team
District Chief Judge Lynette Theriault
Spring Conference Chair Susan Cramer
Pathways Randy Maus
District Contest Chair
District “Circle of Gold” Resource Darlene Davies
District Recognition & Incentive Chair
District Leadership and Training Chair
Club & Member Showcase Coordinator
Club Growth Team
Club Sponsor Extension Chair – Alberta
Coaches Mentors Sponsors Officer
Club Emergency Rescue Officer
New Club Team Officer
Club Membership and Marketing Officer
Youth Leadership Coordinator Adam Macdonald
Youth Leadership – S. Saskatchewan (including Regina)
Speechcraft Coordinator Rocco Angelocci
Public Relations Team
Webmaster Greg Ptashny
Journeys Editor Terry Kozlyk
Dispatch Editor David Wing
Facebook Manager Marcy Field
YouTube Editor
Twitter Lead
LinkedIn Lead
FreeToastHost Ambassador
Division Directors
Division A Director Ray MacPhee
Division B Director Camille Gibney
Division C Director Dana Cusi
Division D Director Rayanne Rodier
Division E Director Saya Sanyal
Division F Director Katrina Aburrow
Area Directors
Area A1 Richard Myers
Area A7 Tanis McMinis
Area A10 Christopher George
Area A15 Princeton Lau
Area A27 Leonard Quilty
Area B4 Debbie Stearns
Area B9 Brad Smart
Area B18 Marta Koszmider
Area B24 Sherri Roberts
Area C3 Daisy Wei
Area C11 Rebecca Klepic
Area C17 Robert Boyce
Area C21 Raj Janakiraman
Area C22 Cheryl Wu
Area D2 Beverley LeBlanc
Area D8 Brian Fegan
Area D12 Ian Gillespie
Area D23 Gail Sherley
Area E6 Jennifer D’Amico
Area E13 Robyn Taphorn
Area E19 Susan Faber
Area E28 Jackie Harbidge
Area E30 Lisa LeBel
Area F5 Robert Rodgers
Area F14 Kathy Tam
Area F20 Sandy Aberdeen
Area F26 Madan Bhatta
Area F29 Doug Bell

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