Daisy Wei, DTM

I aspire to serve as District Director for D42 to give back to the community by leveraging my leadership skills and prioritizing member success through valuable club meetings. My success has been fostered with teamwork every step of the way.


Debbie Stearns, DTM

Bringing a decade of Toastmasters experience from club to district levels, my dedication to service and excellence remains steadfast. I prioritize training club officers, supporting Pathways adoption, and enhancing member recognition. My focus is on empowering clubs to achieve distinguished and realize their goals. I believe in giving back to the organization that helped me grow as a public speaker and a person which is why I am running for Program Quality Director in the 2024/25 Toastmaster year.


Lynnette Zotzman, DTM

With a decade-long track record of dedicated service to Toastmasters, I bring passion and tenacity to District 42. As a seasoned sponsor, coach, and leader, I am committed to leveraging my experience to foster club growth and enhance membership strength, which in turn elevates member satisfaction.






Division A Director - Ali Haider

My journey as a toastmaster has been about one core belief: 'with enough persistence and focus, anything is possible'. And toastmasters has not just been a platform which allowed me to fail and succeed but more importantly it has been a community that always supported me. From my fellow members, I did not just learn about being a better speaker or a leader, I learnt about empathy, human connection, power of teamwork and service. As the candidate for Division A Director role for 2024-2025 my vision is to establish a culture in our district where we become a community where we never loses sight of our goals, we persist, we reach out, we help and ask for help, and that we uphold our core values of Integrity, Service, Respect and Excellence and we cherish how extraordinary privilege it is to belong to be a part of Toastmasters community.

Stanley Vong

Division A Director - Stanley Vong

Being a Division Director means to be committed to listen and address the needs in the Toastmasters community. I have been inspired by Toastmasters across this Division, and this is what drives me to support clubs and facilitating creating new clubs by adding value to every interaction. Toastmasters has provided the means to grow with extraordinary skills in public speaking, leadership, collaboration, and teamwork, propelling me both professionally and through our intertwined journey. With experience, vision, and integrity, I am prepared to lead purposefully and effectively.


Division B Director - Stacey Kaminski

Fellow Toastmasters! I'm thrilled to be running for Division B Director this year. With a decade of Toastmasters experience and recent service as the District's Public Relations Manager, I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion for our organization. Beyond Toastmasters, I lead as the president of the Regina Parents of Multiples Association, chair the Labour Relations committee for my union, and manage high-dollar projects at work. These roles have honed my leadership and communication skills, preparing me to serve you effectively. As your Division Director, my focus will be on fostering honest and transparent communication from leadership to every member. I believe in giving everyone a voice and will actively listen to your needs, recognizing and celebrating your efforts along the way. Let's inject fun and camaraderie back into our Toastmasters journey, making each meeting and event an exciting step towards our shared goal of a distinguished division. You are the foundation of our success, and together, we will build a stronger, more vibrant Toastmasters community.

Elaine Balante

Division C Director - Elaine Balante

Elaine Balante has been a member of Calgary Talking Toastmasters since March 2020. Since then, she has taken on variousClub Officer roles from VP PR to President and is currently the VP Education. In 2023/2024 she challenged herself by becoming the C17 Area Director and realized the huge support network from fellow Toastmasters. Elaine’s proudest achievement to date is the role of mom to a set of 10-year-old twins.

Brian Fegan

Division D Director - Brian Fegan, DTM

My background for becoming the Division D Director includes past experience as an Area Director & Club Extension Chair, several years of experience in club executive roles including President, VP of Ed & VP of Membership. I have been a successful Club Coach, Club Sponsor & Mentor. I am currently working on my second DTM. Much of my success in these roles was due to the great teams that I worked with and my past work experiences & training in various leadership roles in Human Services.

Bobby Bai , DTM

Division D Director - Bobby Bai, DTM

With 14 years of experience in international corporation management, I have been successfully leading diversified teams to deal with changes and challenges. During my 12 years’ journey In Toastmasters, open communication is my priority. I sponsored the first Advanced Club in District 128., coached 4 Clubs to be Distinguished Clubs successfully, I am a leader with creativity, optimism, sense of responsibility and a warm personality. In 2015, I led my Division to be President’s Distinguished Division. I am committed to continuing my contribution to the Toastmaster community and work with you to elevate Division D to new height in the coming year!

District Candidate

Division E Director - Susan Mercer Thornhill, DTM

Susan Mercer-Thornhill, DTM is a dynamic business professional blending over a decade of training, mortgage brokering and 4 decades of social work practice. Armed with a Master's and Bachelor's in Social Work, complemented by certifications in online teaching and second language instruction, Susan brings a unique blend of skills to her endeavors. A Distinguished Toastmasters International member since 2013 she has held multiple leadership roles including Area Director, Club Secretary, Club Sergeant-at-Arms, Club Sponsor and Club Mentor and has garnered acclaim for her public speaking through various contest victories and Conferences Presenter.


Division F Director - Justin Amaldas

My Name is Justin Amaldas, an experienced Project Director and entrepreneur with a strong background in engineering and management. Dedicated to enhancing leadership and communication skills across the district, I am committed to fostering a thriving community within Toastmasters by supporting membership growth and encouraging positivity within our community


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