D42 Status as of Feb-7-2023

Club Officer Training (COT)

See the status of our Officer training to date HERE. 

You will find in the above spreadsheet a tab for each division which shows something like this:

Where B.L.T. club has all their officers trained – 7 out of 7; and Speaker’s Corner has 3 of their officers trained – VP Ed, VP PR and Secretary; their President, VP Mem, Treasurer and SAA have not attended the training.

Here is a summary below where it shows overall we are at 30% of officers trained:

It’s worth highlighting that we have 2 clubs that have trained all their officers – 7 of 7.   Kudos to:

  • Calgary Pace Setters Club
  • B.L.T. Toastmasters Club

We are doing good so let us keep encouraging all our officers to attend the training.  We have one more scheduled in our district on Feb-22 where you can register HERE

Alternatively, you can find other leadership training in other districts HERE

  • like on Feb 8, 9, 13, and 15.
    • or in the slide deck from District 6 “D6 Round 2 Club Officer Training Dates” (link), on Jan 19, 26, and 28, Feb 2, 8, 16, and 25.
  • To ensure getting the training credit for your club, advise all to include the PQD email address (PQD@d42tm.org) in the registration or Zoom display name when they attend these training from other districts.
  • Note: While these training are initially catered for club executive officers, we encourage all our members to attend them as there are skills you can gain from these training even if you are not currently an executive officer of your club.

Club Visits

  • 13 club visits have been submitted so far for the second round.

Conference on Apr/2023

  • Selected the venue in Calgary – Best Western Premier Calgary Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre (https://www.calgaryplaza.com/)
  • Selected the online tool to use – Zoom Event.
  • Recruited volunteers but looking for more.
  • Working on drafting the program and will publish the registration link soon.

Pathways Adoption rates

  • 54% of District 42 members are not engaged in Pathways (i.e. not enrolled or still in Level 0)
  • % of members in each division who are not engaged in Pathways:
DivisionMembers from 2018Members from before 2018Grand Total%
  • The next district-wide Pathways orientation is scheduled for Feb28. All are encouraged to register here and join.

DCP Goals Status


7 of 7 Awards

    • 14 clubs are eligible to get this award, whereas 2 clubs have already achieved it.

Go-Getters Incentives Program

    • 23 clubs have achieved it and are now being reviewed to receive the incentives

Note: More incentives to add here soon.

Membership dues:

  • Refer to TI’s report for the most up-to-date version.

District 42 Overall Status:

Club Goal (116 clubs)                   
Member qualification: 20+ OR +32319.80%
Member qualification: 20+ OR +51714.70%
  20+ members paid1512.90%
  +3 members from July 1 base1210.30%
  +5 members from July 1 base43.40%
Goal 1 (4 L1s)86.90%
Goal 2 (2 L2s)1714.70%
Goal 3 (2 more L2s)21.70%
Goal 4 (2 L3s)1916.40%
Goal 5 (1 L4, L5, or DTM)4337.10%
Goal 6 (1 more L4, L5, or DTM)2824.10%
Goal 7 (4 new members)4236.20%
Goal 8 (4 more new members)108.60%
Goal 9 (officers trained)2824.10%
  4+ officers trained (Jun-Aug)7665.50%
  4+ officers trained (Nov-Feb)2925.00%
Goal 10 (paperwork)7262.10%
  1+ dues renewals on time7564.70%
  1+ officer lists on time10187.10%
5-6 goals1815.50%
7-8 goals54.30%
9-10 goals00.00%

Note: You can refer to this URL for a live report on this: https://reports2.toastmasters.org/


  • COT – Club Officer Training
  • CSP – Club Success Plan
  • DCP – Distinguished Club Program

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