Around District 42

I have been deeply engaged in collaborating with the District team while acclimating myself to the responsibilities of the Club Growth Director role. I’ve been actively engaging with the Region 4 teams, forming dedicated teams for both the Club Coach and Club Extension Committees.

My efforts have also encompassed formulating a comprehensive market analysis plan for the district. Despite our district’s current count of 100 clubs, there is a pressing concern, as five clubs hover on the brink of suspension, and an additional two clubs have opted for closure. It’s imperative that we unite to fortify our existing clubs and welcome new ones into the fold.

Club Coach Committee

The Club Coach Committee, led by Cathy Morrell and Margaret Ustupski, has assembled a skilled team including Vicky and Jackie. Their collective focus centers on orchestrating monthly educational sessions for the Club Coach Masterminds. You’ll find the details and registration link on the event calendar. If you’re interested in either becoming a club coach or requiring one for your club, kindly reach out to

Club Extension Committee

Heading the Club Extension Committee are PDD Brad Korbo and Verge Monton, assisted by Mary S, Jey K, and Ksenija. For those keen on serving as a club sponsor or club mentor, pertinent information can be found on the District 42 website under programs.

Smedley Incentive

An exciting opportunity awaits with the Smedley incentive, spanning from August 1 to September 30. During this period, clubs are strongly encouraged to onboard five new, dual, or reinstated members, thus contributing to our collective growth.


Furthermore, we’re continuing the Speechcraft incentive for clubs, building upon the success of the previous year. For clubs interested in organizing a Speechcraft, simply forward the paid invoice to for reimbursement. This is a valuable opportunity that I encourage you to take full advantage of.

Debbie Stearns, DTM
D42 Club Growth Director

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