Online Event Resources

Online Meeting Tips & Tricks:

  1. Getting started
    1. Video: Zoom Introduction
    2. PDF: Tips & Tricks Using Zoom
  2. Getting comfortable and trying it out – District 42 “Managing Online Club Meetings” – Video recording from Mar 18, 2020
  3. Getting better at it – District 47 & Online Presenters Toastmasters Club Presents “Webinar on How to Host Online Toastmasters Meetings
  4. Instructions Hosting Shared Meetings
  5. When You Are The D42 Meeting Host (Video Presentation)
  6. Tips for Hosting Joint Meetings
  7. Zoom Quick Start Tips
  8. Join/Leave/Rejoin a Breakout Room – tips for Windows, Mac, IOS, Android
  9. Zoom Meeting Security Checklist

Online Event Tools:

Toastmasters International Online Meeting Resources


Online Speech Contest Resources:

Contest Forms:

Contest Chair:



Click here to access all the forms listed above.

Online Speech Contest Training:

Do You Need Some One-on-One Zoom Support?

The District 42 Tech team will help you navigate the basic meeting controls in Zoom. In these 15-minute one-on-sessions you will receive support from Tech team members on key features for successful online meetings and events:

If you are a meeting participant, you will get tips on:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Chat
  • Screen Name
  • Speaker/ Gallery View
If you are meeting host:

  • Same as a previous and
  • Mute/Unmute Audio for all
  • Host/ Co-Host
  • Turn On/Off Video for all
If you are a Speech Contestant:

  • Checking your Background
  • Checking your Camera and Lighting
  • Checking your Connection
  • Checking your Audio


Be Online ready with the help of an expert.   Click on each calendar link below to find an available day and time that works best for you.  It is a first come, first serve basis and the support sessions will be available at least until April 17.  Please only book one session to ensure other members get an opportunity to receive a support session as well.

Here is a quick reference guide of the speech contest tips for all contestants:TM Online Speech Contestant Tip sheet

Book a one-on-one support session NOW!  While booking your time slot, when you enter your Full Name, please also indicate whether you are a meeting “Participant”, meeting “Host” or a speech “Contestant”.  This will give the support person more information about what you need, ahead of time, to be ready to assist you better.

Tech Team Support Calendar 1 Tech Team Support Calendar 2 Tech Team Support Calendar 3 Tech Team Support Calendar 4

Do You Need Access to Online Technology?

To have an online Club meeting scheduled on D42’s Zoom Accounts

  1. Email
  2. Provide:
    • Club name
    • Meeting Day
    • Meeting Time
    • List of dates for meetings from today to June 30, 2020
    • Do you need a poll Setup?

The Online Tech Team will book your times and provide you with your Zoom link.

And you’re off to the races!

Join the District 42 Facebook Group: D42 Online Club Meetings

Click Here for a list of District 42 Clubs already meeting online.