Remembering Michael Coady – A Tribute

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On March 7, 2017 Michael Coady, DTM suffered a massive heart attack after presenting his speech “Apparently I Snore” at the International Speech Contest at his home club Miracle’s Toastmasters. He did not recover. It was a heavy blow for those of us at Miracle’s, for his family, and for the larger toastmasters community.

He was a big man with a big heart, a big presence, and a big laugh. How fitting that his final moments were spent making us all laugh. From the moment he joined our club five years ago he was involved. His dedication and commitment to the club was evident from the beginning. He was the President of our club for two years and both years we were a President’s Distinguished club. He is the only member of our club to receive his DTM designation. He helped to make our club a stronger club. He will be missed.

On March 14, we had an informal memorial service for Michael at our meeting. His brother Bob (his only sibling) was there, his friends were there, his fellow Miracle’s members were there, as well as toastmasters’ members from other clubs. Together we shared stories, laughter, caring and love to honor Michael on his journey home. I am very grateful for the times I have shared with Michael. For the time I spent getting to know his wonderful brother Bob. For my dear fellow Miracle’s members who have been so helpful and supportive of each other and for the support we have received from the larger Toastmasters family.

This experience has taught me a valuable life lesson. That together, in community we are stronger.

Blessings To All, Bob Ellwood (Miracle’s President)                                                     03/20/2017

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