Congratulations to Randy Maus, Area Director, E30

Congratulations to Randy Maus, Area Director for E30 for being the first in the District to complete and submit all of his Club Visit Reports! Randy is a superstar in every way – he is a true leader among leaders and we feel incredibly fortunate to have him on our Division E team! Randy does everything with Energy, Enthusiasm, and is always Eager to help his fellow Toastmasters, not just his Area, not just his Division, but the whole of District 42! The entire Division E team this year was asked to chose a word that begins with the letter “E” to describe themselves. Randy chose Earnest; the definition of which is: resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction. This is Randy in a nutshell. Keep up the good work Randy, thanks for everything you do!

Lynette Theriault,  Division E Director 2018/2019


Christina Kruis says, “Why to go Randy, leading like a champion, so that your Area Clubs succeed, and achieve their respective goals. Your reports helps us see the bigger picture and prepares us to plan better, to meet the members needs.”


On behalf of the District Executive team, we thank you for your services, support, striving for excellence.

Catherine Secundiak, Dunstant Taylor, Christina Kruis, Terry Kozlyk, Nikki Guyett and Kevin Safinuk

They are our District 42 Pathways Pioneers !

A shout-out to District 42 Pathways Ambassadors and Guides for being the frontiers of change.  This meritorious Pathways Team ensured that the Pathways roll out 2018 was not only possible, but was fun-filled and informative. District 42 wants to commend these leaders who managed to prepare 97% of the clubs in our District for the arrival of Pathways. They acted as the first point of contact to help with onboarding and Pathways training.  This team worked tirelessly, putting in countless hours to educate and train us with over 250 virtual sessions and counting, numerous emails and phone-calls, training at conferences, in-person club-visits, conducted and shared PowerPoint presentations, and more. These self-motivated, technologically savvy leaders were able to set and achieve their goals together, and in turn the District’s vision.


Chief Pathways AmbassadorChuck LeBlanc
Pathways AmbassadorsPathways Guides
Helga BenderAndre Cronje
Darlene DaviesAyesha Qureshi
Thomas FieldingBev LeBlanc
Donna FriesenDonna Friesen
Val EricksonGrant Hanna
Shelley GoldbeckIryna Koval
Srinivasa (Jey) JeyakumarJocelyn Hastie
Christina KruisJohn McDonald
Bev LeBlancKeith Hickie
Keith LeeMarvin Henry
Geetha NicodemusMuzaffar Sultan
Brenda PattersonRobert Chisholm
Nandini VenkatesanSean Trithardt
Dunstant TaylorVeronica Schroder
Laurel WingertWendy Dirksen

Congratulations Pathways Pioneers !

On behalf of the District 42 Executive Team and all the clubs;

Catherine Secundiak, Dunstant Taylor, Christina Kruis, Terry Kozlyk, Nikki Guyett and Kevin Safinuk