District Zoom account for club meetings

Is your club using a District Zoom account for club meetings?

If so, I can relate! We celebrated the support of District 42 when this online world was suddenly our club’s reality. Knowing that the account cost the District and was provided to us free, made the support very real. But we experienced some unexpected issues with meeting on Zoom. Discovering that our meeting was on a shared account helped our understanding tremendously.

Recently, the District Zoom accounts were transitioned and renewed for the coming year. I want to remind you that these are shared accounts! That means that you and your club have a dedicated day and time for your meeting on this account; however, extending that time, using the link at another time, or even not closing the meeting, will mean that another club may not be able to get on their meeting using the same account. You may be able to get in, even stay on, however that is potentially at the cost of another club’s meeting.

Alternatively, you may try to get on your meeting as usual and are greeted with a message that another meeting is already in progress. This indicates that someone else is on the account. Please let your Area Director or Division Director know if this happens.

If you require a special event day and time, you can ask for a specific event link and District 42 will assign one for you if there is one available. Please note that Monday through Thursday evenings are very busy and a spot may not be available. Please contact the District administration manager, Saya Sanyal, using the New Event Request Form on the District 42 website, events tab.


Mary Schoendorfer DTM,
Division E Director, 2021-2022


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