Division D

Division D encompasses Southern Alberta, including South East Calgary.

Division Director 2018 – 2019: Jocelyn Hastie

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Division D includes the following clubs, as of July 1, 2018:

Area D2 
Area Director – Ian Gillespie
3093 Circle T Club
3673 Coulee Commentators Club
3903 Dinosaurs Toastmasters Club
6928 Sugar Town Sweet Talkers Club
872535 Jest Toastmasters Club


Area D8
Area Director – Michelle Lund
6250 River Town Criers Club
1256390 Calgary Emerson Toastmasters Club
9901 Station 29 Toastmasters Club
1591112 Quarry Park Toastmasters
4178946 Tundra Talkers Toastmasters Club


Area D12
Area Director – Joseph Helwig
5516 Downtown City Speakers Club
2799 Dynamically Speaking Toastmasters Club
7642 The Eyeopener Club
881463 Naturally Speaking
8135 Sunny South Speakers Club


Area D23
Area Director – Cindy Hoerger
1478 Big Rock Pioneer Toastmasters
3950 Fluor Communicators Club
8170 Calgary Pace Setters Club
9035 Fish Creek Bravehearts Club
4886022 High River Toastmasters
7179971 South Health Campus Toastmasters Club