Division D

Division D encompasses Southern Alberta, including South East Calgary.

Division Director 2018 – 2019: Jocelyn Hastie

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Division D includes the following clubs, as of July 1, 2018:

Area D2 
Area Director – Ian Gillespie
3093 Circle T Toastmasters
3673 Coulee Commentators Club
3903 Dinosaurs Toastmasters Club
6928 Sugar Town Sweet Talkers
872535 Jest Toastmasters


Area D8
Area Director – Michelle Lund
6250 River Town Criers Club
1256390 Calgary Emerson Toastmasters
9901 Station 29 Toastmasters
1591112 Quarry Park  Toastmasters
4178946 Tundra Talkers


Area D12
Area Director – Joseph Helwig
5516 Downtown City Speakers Club
2799 Dynamically Speaking Toastmasters
7642 The Eyeopener Club
881463 Naturally Speaking Toastmasters
8135 Sunny South Speakers Toastmasters


Area D23
Area Director – Cindy Hoerger
1478 Big Rock Pioneers Toastmasters
3950 Fluor Communicators Club
8170 Calgary Pace Setters Club
9035 Fish Creek Bravehearts Club
4886022 High River  Toastmasters