Embrace Excellence

Awards and Incentives Await Your Club’s Triumph 

 District 42 is rolling the red carpet to honor clubs that reach for the stars and achieve the prestigious Club Fitness Award and the inspiring 7 out of 7 Incentive. 

The Club Fitness Award is your golden ticket to recognition. Clubs that dazzle us by meeting three remarkable requirements before October 31, 2023, will be in for a treat.  

We are also shining a spotlight on those extraordinary clubs that go above and beyond with the 7 out of 7 Incentives. If all seven of your club officers have attended Club Officer Training in either the Spring/Summer or Winter sessions, you’re in for applause and admiration. 

Up next, more awards with gift cards have been lined up including:

A $25 gift certificate will be awarded to clubs. They can accumulate! Your club might just be able to go on a shopping spree at the Toastmasters International Shop, getting more fabulous stuff or unforgettable gifts for your club and members as you continue to earn awards throughout the year. 

Gear up, set your sights high, and let the award-winning journey begin! 

Congratulations to 19 Clubs who have achieved 7 out of 7 incentives in Spring/Summer 2023. 

Daisy Wei, DTM
D42 Program Quality Director

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