Three core skills, when applied, result in leadership that inspires, responds with agility, and gets regular high-quality results.  Whether for your life, your job, or your business, you will be taken through a process to look at your own leadership triangle in order to identify how you can become a better leader anywhere you choose to be involved.

Facilitator:  Randy Maus

Known as the Clarity Coach, Randy works with established and aspiring high performance business leaders to create crystal clear focus that achieves outstanding results.  He coaches his clients to turn a vision for a better company into a reality for a better world.

Please join us at 6:30pm (AB)/7:30pm (SK) for a networking opportunity; the workshop will begin at 7:00pm (AB)/8:00pm (SK)

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  •  January 31, 2022
     6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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