Please join us for the Division F Table Topics and Tall Tales Speech Contest, and cheer on our talented speakers:

Division F Tall Tales Contestants:  Christine Enns (Area F05), Danny Procter (Area F14), Steve O’Brien (Area F20), Aamar Maqsood (Area F26), and Dave Dyck (Area F29)

Division F Table Topics Contestants:  Carol Whyte (Area F05), Asif Zeb (Area F14), Rudy Ruberto (Area F20), Amy Darling (Area F26), Amanda Cronin (Area F29)

This event can be viewed on the District 42 YouTube channel, HERE

Please note that this event will start broadcasting at 6:30pm (AB)/7:30pm (SK)

Contest Chair:  Shauna Jones

Chief Judge:  Saya Sanyal

Table Topics Toastmaster:  Shauna Jones

Tall Tales Toastmaster:  Shauna Jones

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Bob McDonald, Karen Wickerson

Timers:  Jon Straub, Jim O’Keefe

Ballot Counters:  Lynette Theriault, Sabna Rose Tharakan


  •  November 9, 2021
     6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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