Weekend Wordmasters is proud to present a lecture series on Robert’s Rules of Order.

This is a 5-week course on mastering Parliamentary Procedures.  Meetings will take place every second Saturday from December 11th, 2021 to April 9th, 2022, inclusive, from 9:00am (AB)/10:00am (SK).

Please note that the meeting on April 9th, 2022 will be from 10:00am (AB/SK)

Part 1:  Mastering Robert Rules of Order for Effective Meetings – December 11th, 2021
Part 2:  Mastering Being a Member of the Assembly – January 8th, 2022
Part 3:  Mastering Chairmanship – February 12th, 2022
Part 4:  Mastering AGM Meetings – March 12th, 2022
Part 5:  Be a Master Parliamentarian – April 9th, 2022

Please email WWTregina@gmail.com for Zoom link and further meeting details


  •  February 12, 2022
     9:00 am - 10:30 am

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