"How to Uncover the Glory of Your Story"

Pres Vasilev

In this interactive storytelling workshop, the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking Pres Vasilev will reveal the most powerful storytelling secrets.
Watch Pres Vasilev’s winning World Championship speech, engage in a dynamic discussion to explore its storytelling secrets, and learn how to craft your own compelling stories. https://youtu.be/Z8L68Ev8VPQ
When he was a small boy back in Bulgaria, Pres Vasilev read a book that sparked his dream to come to America.
In 2002, his dream came true. Pres came alone, but he brought big goals, bold dreams, and a sexy accent.
Yes, the first question he faced was always, “Where’re you from?” He struggled with English, but sharing his story helped him win friends fast and quickly cope with the culture shock.
Three years later, Pres Vasilev was due for another adventure. He took the job that changed his life – selling children’s books door to door.
Pres Vasilev speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subject of Successful Selling with Storytelling™. He combines his insights from the sales trenches with his storytelling expertise to equip his global audiences with practical strategies for instant influence and sales success.
His professional sales training program equips sales teams with strategic storytelling skills so they can connect with prospects better, convert them to customers faster, and close more sales.
Pres Vasilev speaks four languages and loves traveling around the world. He lives in Chicago and when he is not speaking, training, or coaching, he practices his listening skills with his wife, Sara.
Check out https://PresSays.com if you would like to connect with Pres Vasilev.

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