I wish I had joined earlier

What if you had joined Toastmasters years ago?
What if you possessed Toastmaster skills earlier in your career?
Ask most Toastmasters and their response is “I wish I had joined earlier?” 
What if you could give a young person the opportunity for success academically, socially and professionally earlier and faster? 

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program provides a safe environment to learn, practise and improve communication and leadership skills including

  • Speaking spontaneously
  • Developing effective listening skills
  • Organizing and presenting ideas
  • Knowing the value of voice, words and gestures
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Managing meetings (in person and online)

District 42 has a strong track record of providing students with this opportunity in classrooms, libraries, community halls and conference rooms across Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Testimonies from students who have completed YLP in District 42 probably say it best.

During a university presentation, the judges could see and feel the confidence and enthusiasm I carried in my speaking, due to this course. I shared these skills and our group had more energy and positive vibes compared to any other group judged by the professors for this project.

This program is an asset for students.  What a fun way to face your fears in presenting and feel more comfortable speaking. I gained the tools to prepare and the courage to face any fears with a smile!

I truly realized my potential as a public speaker and as a leader. Public speaking has suddenly become a passion of mine and something I desperately want to continue to pursue! My experience has been invaluable and I cannot express my gratitude enough.

The quote that sums it up best (for students and adults) was declared by an elementary student             

“It helped me be brave.”

 As a Toastmaster, you have all the resources and support you need to help our future leaders gain the necessary skills for success.

There has been so much to celebrate with the Youth Leadership Program this fall! Recent programs were completed through the Regina Open Doors Society, the ECSSEN Career School and the Calgary Hitmen Hockey Team.

RODS Youth Leadership Program Facilitators

Facilitator Anne James, reports that the RODS program saw 11 participants complete the online, 8-week program. She is looking forward to this program receiving more visibility and support from active members. One participant is soon to turn 18 and is eager to join a club! The program wound up with an in-person, graduation ceremony in early November.

Facilitator Molly Chen, reports that the ECSSEN Career School program was well attended and she was very active in recruiting supporters for this 8-week, online program. That support was key to the success of the program as were the YLP Peer Role Models who were senior students who had attended previous sessions. Sponsor Cynthia Shi, at the school, has sponsored the YLP for several years.

Facilitator Christina Kruis just completed a condensed and specialized 4-week, in-person, built around the home games, program for the young men on the Calgary Hitmen Hockey Team! She recruited specialized support for this program, complete with very real ‘mock’ interviews, and was gratified to see the progress in these participants.

We have a program running right now for Rotary youth (online), and a program starting in January for a home-school community (in-person). There is a lot of interest in these programs from potential participants (both online and in-person). What we need are Facilitators!!

Is that YOU?

Contact our District 42 YLP Coordinator, Mary Schoendorfer for training, resources and opportunities to facilitate and support these valuable programs. Give the gift of Confidence and Bravery!!

Mary Schoendorfer, DTM
YLP Coordinator

Christina Kruis, DTM
YLP Facilitator

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