Traditional Education Program


Since the moment you joined Toastmasters, you have been changing and growing and maturing into a better, more proficient and more capable leader.  Your growth must be recognized and honored by us . . . and . . . by you !

The fact that you are encouraged to join Pathways does not mean that you need to immediately deflect to the new trajectory. It will be beneficial to you, your club and your learning experience.

If you are partway to CC, do complete your CC because from the  moment you achieve CC, you will be a Competent Communicator in perpetuity. If you are partway to an advanced designation, why not finish it before transitioning?  From that moment on, you will be an Advanced Communicator or Advanced Leader Bronze, Silver or Gold.  From then on, you will be known by your highest designation.

We are on the cusp between what we call the Legacy Program and Pathways.

We all have the amazing opportunity to live in both programs till June 30, 2020.

If you are part way to a designation,  move forward and ask for help.

Ask your club to help you accomplish speeches and leadership roles.

Ask advanced members for ideas to achieve what you want.  Most of us would be flattered if someone asked us for help.

If you don’t know who to ask, contact your Area, Division or District Team members.  We’d be so pleased to forward your inquiry to the person who knows best about Speechcraft, Youth Leadership Program (YLP), Area Directorship, club creation, rescue and especially your High Performance Leadership (HPL) project.

Complete the level that you are now moving toward and then transition to Pathways.

If you are an advanced Toastmaster or have already transitioned to the new Pathways program, offer to help a rising star!

We are on the cusp. You are on the cusp. Exploit this opportunity. Use the opportunity and, if you need to, get help.

We are on the cusp.  Offer your help so that another member can get to their highest level in the traditional program before they move on.

Lastly, check the District Newsletter and the D42 website.  Those resources are a cornucopia of knowledge, wisdom and resources.  Don’t stifle your growth by ignoring those two fantastic resources.

Also, if you have ANY questions about High Performance Leadership (HPL), please contact any Division Directors or members of the District Executive Team as there are many opportunities.

Below is the TRADITIONAL & PATHWAYS educational program

(high level comparison)


Article by Ray Mulvihill, DTM

Edited by Terry Kozlyk, Public Relations Manager