Hall of Fame

District 42 Hall of Fame

The following pages outline the ‘pride’ of District 42, those who have made significant contributions to the District, and those who have demonstrated excellence in many of the cornerstones of Communication and Leadership.


These pages showcase those members of our District who have been recognized on the International level of Toastmasters International, as well as those who have been recognized by our own District.


Brief History of District 42

The first Toastmasters club established in District 42 was the Wascana Club #577 in Regina in March 1948.  Following that, Twin Rivers Club #667 was chartered in Calgary in December 1948.  Several years went by before the Saskatoon Club #450 was founded in March 1952.


Edmonton launched its first club, Northern Lights Club #489, in March 1953.  Soon after that new clubs began to sprout, such as, Prince Albert Club #1318 in October 1953 and Camrose Club #1432 in December 1953.


At that time, the above mentioned clubs were all under the jurisdiction of District 20, the North Dakota and Manitoba area.  At a conference held in Moorehead, Minnesota on April 25, 1953, a resolution was adopted to divide the District in two – one in Canada, the other in the United States.  This was subsequently ratified at the International Convention, on July 1, 1954.


George R. Tatlock of Winnipeg became the District Governor of District 42.  The District at that time consisted of 17 clubs in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Club growth continued.  On July 1, 1959, the District split, with District 64 being created to encompass Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.  A. Ernie Pallister, of Calgary, was elected the first District Governor for the geographical area we know today as District 42.  Bow Valley Club #1494, “Y” Club #2478, Chinook Club #1448, Foothills Club #3078 and Plains Club #3144, were added to the roster of prestigious clubs.


From this nucleus, District 42 has grown to almost 300 clubs, whereby World Headquarters recommended splitting the District and on July 1, 2016 split into District 42 (Southern Alberta & Southern Saskatchewan) and District 99 (Northern Alberta & Northern Saskatchewan).  District 42 is proud to be recognized throughout the world for its energy, enthusiasm and excellence.


Our Past District 42 Governors/ Directors

1954-55 George Tatlock1987-88 Carol Blair DTM*
1955-56 Elwood Gorrie1988-89 Majeed Mustapha DTM*
1956-57 Byron Jones1989-90 Clif Skrypnyk DTM
1957-58 George Cameron1990-91 Elizabeth Pasieka DTM**
1958-59 Berk McGibbon1991-92 David Fulton DTM*
1959-60 A. Ernie Pallister1992-93 Dona Wheaton DTM
1960-61 Roy V. Maber1993-94 Flo Mawson DTM*
1961-62 Cec J. Primeau1994-95 Buffy da Silva, DTM
1962-63 Peter Podmaroff1995-96 Larry Andrews, DTM
1963-64 Steven Varro1996-97 Tim Lambert, ATM
1964-65 Robert D. Kerr1997-98 Brad Korbo, DTM*
1965-66 Bruce Godwin ATM1998-99 Danie Hardie, DTM
1966-67 Al B. Ripley1999-2000 Linda Hawk, DTM
1967-68 Harold C. Bickel ATM2000-01 Karen Egge, DTM*
1968-69 Ron M. Chapman DTM2001-02 Drew Kirk, DTM
1969-70 Harry G. Shuttleworth DTM2002-03 Jacquie Schnider, DTM
1970-71 Eugene Thompson DTM2003-04 Barry Matthews, DTM
1971-72 Al Fahlman DTM2004-05 Mavis Oberding, DTM
1972-73 Robert L.Jones ATM2005-06 Troy Wruck, DTM
1973-74 Fred G. Lawson DTM*2006-07 Mona Cooley, DTM*
1974-75 John Koyko DTM2007-08 Larry Verbitsky, DTM
1975-76 Russ A. Holmberg DTM2008-09 Joan McAulay, DTM*
1976-77 Jim Thompson ATM*2009-10 Tim Hubick, DTM
1977-78 Neil Wilkinson DTM*2010-11 Greg Gazin, DTM
1978-79 Al Munroe DTM*2011-12 Chuck Leblanc, DTM*
1979-80 Peter Kossowan DTM** 2012-13 Don Francis, DTM / Chuck Leblanc, DTM**
1980-81 Irene B. Murray DTM 2013-14 Keith Lee, DTM
1981-82 Rick Sydor DTM* 2014-15 Doris Henn, DTM*
1982-83 Everett W. Ritson DTM** 2015-16 Marg Faryna, DTM
1983-84 W. Peter Francis DTM* 2016-17 Carolyn Kaldy, DTM
1984-85 Ken Tanner DTM*** 2017-18 John Bauer, DTM
1985-86 Helgi Goodman DTM**
1986-87 Melodye Kunnas ATM***