New Beginning

Kudos to all our leaders who have taken a new role or are continuing similar positions in our district. We cannot thank you enough for doing this.
Some of us could still be wondering, “How can we live up to the expectation?”, or even “Where do we start?” or “How can we keep to this?”.
I can share this excerpt below from one of my favourite movies “Forrest Gump” as this has helped me in many of the journeys I have taken:

One Step At The Time

When I take my regular jogging, like Forrest Gump, I go for a little run. I run towards the bottom of the hill in Sage Hill NW, behind Evanston. When I get there, I run uphill towards the crescent of Evansborough. When I reach the top, I take a breather and walk while enjoying the view. After a few more minutes, I run a few more meters again along the back of Evansridge View. Then I run a few more minutes behind Evansview with some stops to catch up on my breathing. I run a few more meters downhill towards Symons Valley Pkwy where I reach the end. When I reach the bottom of the hill, I run on the walkway parallel to Symons Valley Pkwy, then turn right on Sage Meadows Green. Then I run until I reach Sage Meadows Park. Before I knew it, I had already covered 4.8 km and completed my goal for the day.

I apply the same with any project that I undertake. I take it one segment or one deliverable at a time. I take constant pauses to review what I have done and do retrospectives to identify anything I can improve. I continue to finish another deliverable, and then another, and so on.
Before I know it, I am already finishing and closing the project. The whole journey may not be as simple as that. There will be obstacles or challenges – or taking a positive spin – there will be opportunities along the way that we will need to take on; however, the primary concept is –to take one step at a time, and you will get there.

Good Start

For our Division Directors and Area Directors, we advise applying the tips and tools we shared during the AD-DD Training on June 24, starting with understanding your team’s working style; then doing the planning session with them.    That will be a good start for the year. Then do more, then more. Before you know it, we will have completed the year. 

For our leaders – District Leaders, Division Directors, Area Directors, and Club officers, start by understanding your team’s communication and working style; then have the planning session with them to develop the success plan at your level.  That will be a good start for the year. Then do more as you get comfortable with your role, then more. Before you know it, we will have completed the year. 

As members, let us review where we are on our education and leadership goals.   It can be time to deliver our next speech or start a communication or leadership project.  Resume planning and request assistance as needed.   That will be a good start for us this year. 

So as Forrest Gump said, “Keep right on going”.   To all of us, let us do just that – “Keep right on going”.  We are here for a reason and the only way we can achieve it is if we continue to do something towards that goal.  It could be overwhelming if we look at it, but by taking one step at a time, we can get there sooner than later.  This is our new beginning for another year.  Let us make it count and let us keep right on going.

Eugene Sicat, DTM 
District 42 District Director

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