Are you looking to expand your leadership skills outside of your club?

Are you passionate about helping others?
Do you love to write?
Are you creative?
Are you an Event Planner?
What talents do you want to share with District 42?
Do you want to discover and develop your hidden competencies?

Listed below are some project opportunities for the current year. Some of them qualify for District DTM credit, others will qualify for Pathways Level 4 or Level 5 projects; while others simply grow your skillset and benefit our community.

District 42 Success Summit | Spring Conference 2021

A visual image for Success Summit

Education Program Chair:
The education program chair is responsible for the education sessions, speakers, entertainment, and room set-up for all meetings.

Facility/Venue Chair:
The venue chair is responsible for accommodations, meal arrangements, meeting rooms, equipment, and displays.

Audio Visual Chair:
The AV chair is responsible for audio, video, and lighting equipment at venue and on-line broadcasting.

Volunteer Chair:
The volunteer chair is responsible for gathering volunteers.

Social Media Content Creator – Special Project

Seeking Toastmasters looking to complete Level 4 Elective – Building A Social Media Presence

Experience working with a social media content strategy and content calendar
Create content for official District 42 social media channels that is Toastmaster brand compliant
Learn how to use PicMonkey, an online photo editing and design service that can be accessed from a web browser, or through a mobile app
Learn how to schedule and publish posts across multiple social media posts across platforms
Become part of an exciting and challenging team as you learn relevant, transferrable media skills
Guidance, training and provided by D42 PRM, Marcy Field
If this is or might be you, contact

Division Team Leads

Division Directors are building teams to help volunteers dip their toes in the volunteer pool. Similar responsibilities to District Leadership Roles but on a smaller scale. If you are interested in any of the following, please contact your Division Director.

Contest Chair – Division
Chief Judge – Division
Circle of Gold Lead – Division
Tech Team Lead – Division
Public Relations Lead – Division
Club Growth Lead – Division
Program Quality Lead – Division

Club Coach

Club Coaches are caring and experienced Toastmasters who enter into a partnership with a struggling club to help its members rejuvenate their club into a sustainable and strong organization.

Club Coach Prerequisites

Completed Levels 1 & 2 in a Path
Served as a Club Officer for at least 12 months
Enrolled in Pathways
Possess a drive to serve others and see them succeed

Area Director

Serve as the direct liaison between the District and the clubs. Area Directors conduct club visits twice a year and Area Contests in the Fall and Spring.

Blog Post Contributor

Research, write, edit and publish articles 300 -450 words promoting D42 TM events, members, activities, programs, community involvement.

Circle of Gold Chair

Training members of your team on Circle of Gold speeches, evaluations and table topic excellence. Create 1 Circle of Gold per Division, with collaboration with each Division director. Ensure Division Directors have the support they need to provide Circle of Gold for contest preparation. Provide training plans, information and support for Circle of Gold team members per Division. Plan and provide Circle of Gold training session dates per division.

Club & Member Showcase Coordinator

Oversee the compiling of club and member achievements, activities, best practices, good marketing ideas, etc. for inclusion on the District “Club and Member Showcase” webpage - to recognize Member and Club contributions to the District success

Club Coach Committee Chair

This committee recruits and trains Club Coaches and consultants to help them develop action plans to aid their assigned clubs. Potential coaches and their locations may be identified from the District’s roster of club members.

Club Extension Committee

This committee is responsible for one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy—generating, managing and tracking leads.

Club Mentor Committee

This committee recruits, trains and tracks mentors for all clubs that charter or are in the midst of the chartering process.

Club Sponsor Committee

This committee recruits, trains and tracks sponsors for all clubs that charter or are in the midst of the chartering process.

Conference Chair

The Conference Chair is the overseer of the conference. The Conference Chair (along with the Program Quality Director) has overall responsibility for coordinating the conference. You lead a committee which may include, but is not limited to, the following: Registration Chair, Program Chair, Facilities Chair, Publicity Chair, Education Chair, Volunteer Chair, Sponsorship Chair

District Alignment Committee Chair

Build and lead a team to prepare alignment proposal (alignment of clubs into Areas and Divisions) and submits to District Executive Committee prior to the District Council meeting.

District Audit Committee

Reviews financial results and performs with mid-year and year-end audits.

District Chief Judge

Find equal and represented judges for Spring contests, (note 4 contests). Work and coordinate with the District 42 Contest Chair to ensure fair club, area, division and district contests. Build your teams to ensure Judges, Timers and ballot counters are trained. Provide script, resources and support as per Toastmaster website, rules and procedures for as a Chief Judge.

District Contest Chair

Find Toastmasters for each of the 4 contests, collect information from Division Directors and ensure eligibilities for all contestants. Work and coordinate with the District 42 Chief Judge to ensure all club, area, division and district contests follows Toastmasters procedures, rules and provide resources were necessary. Build your teams to ensure all contests are runs smoothly and fairly.

District Credentials Committee

Oversees the credentials process during the District Council Meetings.

District Leadership Committee Chair

Build and lead a team who nominate candidates for District office

District Procedures Committee

Oversee sub-committees to review the District 42 Procedures

District Rotations Committee Chair

Build and lead a team of four people (1 - Calgary 1-Regina 1 - AB rural* 1 SK rural*) Recommend Conference locations for three years plus Annual Contests for each year.

Division Director

Lead and support the Division Area Directors. Coordinate division activities, set division goals and leadership training 3 times a year.

Event Expresso Scheduler

Create and schedule public events on the D42 calendar.

Logistics Manager

The logistics manager selects meeting locations and organizes the room, ensuring the atmosphere is conducive to successful events, such as business meetings, speech contests and training. The logistics manager sets up necessary equipment, assists district leaders with meeting arrangements, distributes program materials, keeps track of district property and addresses disruptions during events. Proven abilities in organization and diplomacy are a must for this role.

Media Relations

Working with he PRM, communicate Toastmasters’ key messages when writing news releases. Establish and maintain lines of communication between the District and the public. Work to increase awareness of Toastmasters through local news media.

Meetup Leads - AB, SK

Work with District Clubs using Meetup to reach out to potential members. Coordinate and teach member clubs how to organize online groups that host in-person and virtual events for people with similar interests.

Mentoring Committee Chair

Ensures that clubs have materials and information they need to create a formal member mentoring program.  Facilitate leadership mentoring opportunities throughout the district. Ensure members are being heard and having the “best ever” experience in Toastmasters.  This includes collecting feedback and evaluations from members and clubs on how well the district is serving their needs. Support the District, Division Directors and Area Directors on Mentors Training needs for members. Support the Program Quality Director on Coaches Training needs for members.

Dispatch Editor

The Dispatch Newsletter editor is responsible on coordinating and publishing different pieces of District information into luminous, fascinating, and more useful articles for District members. Circulated on a regular basis.


The parliamentarian assists the district director with planning and conducting district meetings. Working with Toastmasters International, the responsibilities of the parliamentarian include interpreting Toastmasters bylaws and policies, reviewing district operating procedures as requested by the district director, and ensuring all meetings follow proper protocol. The parliamentarian is an invaluable resource for the district director, offering help, guidance and support during meetings and answering any questions the district director has related to rules and procedures. Members who assume this role must have a thorough understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.

Recognition Chair

Coordinate and work with the Program Quality Director for Quality Recognition. Prepare and recognize members & clubs during Spring Conference and throughout the year, based on District 42 Recognition program for Quality. Timely Recognition and Announcements. Showcase Clubs, Members, Areas and Divisions that are doing exciting, engaging and empowering activities. Develops and executes program for recognizing member accomplishments. Oversees awards program at District conferences. May coordinate with the Club Growth Director on shared club incentive or recognition.

Rotary Alliance Committee Chair

Build and lead a team to coordinate and promote the Rotary/Toastmaster Alliance.

Social Media Lead

Speechcraft Chair

Works closely with District Leadership to generate new Speechcraft opportunities with the local community (libraries, special interest groups). Works with clubs to educate on the benefits of Speechcraft for membership building and promoting Speechcrafts. Responsible for overseeing the quality of all Speechcraft programs by training and mentoring Speechcraft coordinators and facilitators.

Tech Team Chair

Lead, train and coordinate tech volunteers across the District to facilitate and maintain professional technical online support to District functions including contests, training, conference and special events/workshops.


The webmaster assists the district director and club growth director with updates to the district website. Although the district director is the publisher of the district website and ultimately responsible for its content, the webmaster plays an important role in maintaining the website. This involves posting district announcements, removing outdated content and troubleshooting functionality issues. Members who typically excel in this role are Internet savvy and creative.

Youth Leadership Program Chair

Works closely with District Leadership to generate new Youth Leadership opportunities with the local community (libraries, schools, special interest groups). Responsible for overseeing the quality of all Youth Leadership programs by training and mentoring individual YLP coordinators and facilitators.

YouTube Editor

Edit and post videos promoting D42 events, activities and members. Ensure any member profiled sign the official TI video release form found on the TI website

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