Of The Year Awards

Of the Year Awards are presented at the Spring Conference to Toastmasters in District 42 who demonstrate outstanding commitment, dedication and leadership to their clubs, areas, divisions and our organization as a whole. Specific criteria are outlined in each of the nomination forms below. Club members benefit by understanding the qualities of past winners who are examples of those who go above and beyond in their participation in Toastmasters.

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Personal testimonies from other club members are a huge asset to the best submissions and give the committee a better idea of the contributions of your club member that is being nominated. Please see documents below for some ideas and suggestions for writing nominations.

Past Presidents lead the nomination committee in each club except for the president of the year award where the immediate past district director will contact the incoming club executive to complete the nomination form.

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Nomination committees for each club, area, division and district read and tabulate all forms submitted. Nomination forms and testimonies must be submitted to the nomination chair.

*New Deadlines – Updated Nov 2019*

Club* Rookie
* Toastmaster
prior to July 15, 2020Member or 2019/2020 Club Executive2019/2020 Immediate Past President or Other "Award" Committee ChairClub Choice - recommend presenting at the year end meeting or social event2019/2020 Immediate Past President
Area* Rookie (club winner)
* Toastmaster (club winner)
* Public Relations (club nomination)
July 15, 20202019/2020 Immediate Past President or Other Club Executive2019/2020 Area DirectorFall 2020 Area Contest2019/2020 Area Director, if present
Division* Rookie (area winner)
* Toastmaster (area winner)
* Public Relations (area winner)
* Area Director (area director nominations)
July 30, 20202019/2020 Area Director2019/2020 Division DirectorFall 2020 Division Contest2019/2020 Division Director, if present
District* Rookie (division winner)
* Toastmaster (division winner
* Public Relations (division winner)
* Area Director (division winner)
* Division Director (division director nominations)
August 15, 20202019/2020 Division Director2019/2020 District Director2021 District Conference2019/2020 District Director (who will be the 2020/2021 Immediate Past District Director)

Some of the categories on the forms include: Enthusiasm, Dedication, Helping Others, Education and Training, Leadership, Human Factors, Membership Building and Retention, Promotions, Creativity, Content, and Media.

Nomination forms can be downloaded here:

*New Forms – Updated Nov 2019*


Hints for writing nominations:

Helpful Phrases For Writing Nominations (417.0 KiB)

Powerful Award Nominations (332.5 KiB)
Suggested Words for Writing Nominations (342.5 KiB)