PR Incentives

Each year, District 42 creates District sponsored promotions to recognise and encourage your clubs to reach specific milestones and achieve your Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals.

Members Making a Difference

This is an individual award given to a member in a club who has made a difference in their club by promoting the club in the community, befriending guests to encourage them to become members, mentoring new members, planning the open house/demo meeting in the club, etc.


  • Maximum of 1 pin per club for outstanding work on making a difference in the club.
  • Should be tied to Membership Building/Membership Retention.
  • The submission to the District should be made by a member of the Club Executive. Please use the following link to submit your club winner.
  • The winners will be published on the District Website. This will be ongoing throughout the year.

Deadline for submission is June 30th.  Registration for 2016/2017 is now closed.