Encouraging and recognizing best practices in Public Relations

Public Relations, implemented effectively, significantly helps clubs grow through public engagement and recognition. It builds relationships using compelling communication channels and media relations. Thus, both external and internal audiences are kept aware of the club and/or district activities.

Acknowledging the important role played by public relations in building membership, we are pleased to announce the District 42 Public Relations Club Challenge. Special thanks to Toastmasters District 106 and Public Relations Manager 2018-2020, Diane Windingland, for developing and sharing the program.

Clubs can submit two newsletters during the year before the stipulated cut-off dates. The three highest-scoring clubs for each term will be awarded the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.

Qualification Criteria

  • MUST be 5 pages or less (Including covers). 5% reduction for each additional page.
  • MUST NOT have any major brand violations as per the current version of the Toastmasters International Brand Manual.

Club Information (10%)

• Club Name
• Club Officers’ names, positions and contact information.
• Meeting time, day and venue.
• Calendar/ List of events.

Layout & Presentation (25%)

• Consistent use of typography, whitespace and colour.
• Effective use of graphics.
• Overall creativity.

Content (40%)

• Promotion of the Toastmaster’s Mission, Core Values and Envisioned Future
• Recognition of Club Members’ achievements.
• Write-ups on recent and upcoming club activities/events.
• Message(s) from Club President and/or other Officers.
• Message(s) from Area/Division/District Officers.
• Educational articles from Club Members
• Educational articles from Members of other clubs/external experts.

Brand Compliance (25%)

• Must be compliant with the Toastmasters Brand Manual
• Each author must be rightfully credited

Clubs can submit a website that is actively maintained and updated with content pertaining to the current program year. The three highest-scoring clubs will be awarded the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards

Qualification Criteria

  • MUST be up-to-date for the current program year.
  • MUST NOT have any major brand violations as per the current version of the Toastmasters International Brand Manual.
  • MUST follow specific Website Guidelines provided in the Procedures and Standards section of the Brand Manual.


    • Brand Compliance 30%
    • Layout 30%
    • Useful Static Content 20%
    • Frequently Updated and Relevant Content 20%


Entries are welcome throughout the year. Submissions for the 2020-2021 year remain open until April 30, 2021. The winning clubs will be announced during Spring Leadership Training.

Leap into the challenge and up your public relations game.

Questions? Contact Marcy Field, Public Relations Manager, District 42 – prm@d42tm.org

Criteria for consideration:

Best Club Website

(submit link)

  • Basic info correct? (Time, date, location). This will be compared with the “Find-a-Club” club listing on the Toastmasters International website.
  • Contact person responds within 2 or fewer business days
  • Club member pictures, both on the home page and in “meet our members”
  • Appealing to prospective visitors (will they know what to expect? Will they feel like they are wanted?)
  • TI branded colors & logo

Get ideas from the 2020 D106 Website Engagement Project!

Best Press Release/News article 

(submit a link or upload a pdf)

  • Human interest element included (story and/or direct quotes)
  • Invitation to visit

Best Newsletter

(submit a link or upload pdf)

  • Member achievements
  • Fun
  • Informative (upcoming events, educational)
  • Appealing visual design
  • Only submit if your newsletter is shared with (or members are encouraged to share with) non-members
  • TI branded colors

Best Social Media

(submit a link or upload a pdf if multiple links).

Can include the following (or more): Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.

  • Frequency of posts
  • Engagement (likes, comments)
  • Visual elements
  • TI branded colors

Best Club Event Promotion

(submit a one-page pdf)

  • Narrative of planning, promotion, event day, follow up with visitors
  • Actual numbers of guests and resulting members

Best Corporate Club Promotion

(submit a one-page pdf)

  • Narrative of efforts within the corporate environment to promote the club
  • Actual numbers of guests and resulting members

To submit your work, click here: Club PR Submission Page

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