Leadership when you serve at district level provides increased opportunity to hone your skills. On January 30th, 2021 Toastmasters District 42 Area and Division Directors will have the opportunity to attend their second District Leader training of their 2020/2021 term. Much like Club Officers, District leaders attend training that is designed for them to learn how to better serve their clubs.

Lance Miller

Among the quality interactive session of great presenters, Lance Miller will be delivering the featured keynote “Toastmasters – An Internship for Success”. In his presentation, Lance shares how he used the Toastmasters officer positions and leadership program to develop the leadership skills for succeeding in many endeavours outside of Toastmasters. He shares hard won knowledge and gives practical examples of how each officer position and meeting role develops specific skills that anyone can use to be more successful in life.

Lance Miller is an award winning speaker and trainer. He has delivered over 5,000 speeches in over 60 countries on public speaking, leadership and overcoming failure and adversity. His real life experience brings fun, lively and entertaining presentation s to the podium. Lessons of leadership, integrity, responsibility and honesty are the Hallmark of his messages.

Lance is a member of the National Speakers Association, Rotary International and ToastmastersInternational. He is a Distinguished Toastmaster and i n 2005 he emerged from a field of 40,000 contestants from 110 countries to win the title of Toastmaster’s World Champion of Public Speaking .

Do you shy away from difficult conversations on important topics?

Would you like to increase your impact on the leaders you serve, helping them be more successful?

If so, the session presented by Harold Osmundson will help. You’ll learn the principles and an approach to effectively lead and influence others. You’ll also learn how to make necessary conversations less intimidating. These principles will help you both inside and outside of Toastmasters.

Harold currently serves as International Director, serving on Toastmasters International’s Board of Directors. Previously, he served as District Director for District 6 in 2017-2018, leading one of the largest districts in the world through reformation.

Outside of Toastmasters, Harold owns a software consulting business and is a lifelong student of leadership. He believes that real change occurs through quality conversations.

This training session is exclusive to current Area and Division Directors, however if you are interested in serving in District leadership in 2021/2022 Toastmasters year please send an email to DLC@d42tm.org. Members who intend on serving in the new Toastmasters year will be invited to attend training on January 30th 2021 so they can better prepare themselves for the next Toastmaster year.

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