Template Index & Instructions

Below you will see a listing of popular templates to save you time. These templates are properly branded per TI Branding Requirements

  1. click on the template link (below) you want to download
  2. download to a folder on your computer
  3. edit the template to your specific text requirements
  4. always save your edited file to your local computer as a PDF by a name of your choosing – (this makes it read-only & no one can edit)


For word online forms, ensure that View is set to “Reading View


Contest Agenda

  1. Contest Agenda Template A (word form)

Meeting Agenda

  1. Meeting Agenda Template A (word form)

Open House

  1. Open House – Pathways – 1-page – color
  2. Open House Club – color
  3. Open House Template Carousel


  1. Various Selections on TI Website