Toastmasters for Employers

Why Toastmasters for Employers?


3,000 organizations worldwide value Toastmasters communication and leadership training so highly for their employees that they sponsor onsite clubs. Our members are community leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs who gain significantly from this training program for busy professionals, where they spend about an hour a week sharpening their communication and leadership skills in a supportive and fun setting.

Toastmasters teaches members to manage and lead, deliver engaging presentations, communicate with customers, collaborate in teams, listen, conduct efficient meetings, and more. In difficult economic times, as you know, training budgets are often the first to be slashed; Toastmasters offers an inexpensive way to fill the training gap.

The Toastmasters program gives members the platform to hone the skills needed to stand out in a competitive job market. They get regular practice speaking extemporaneously, delivering speeches, and giving and receiving feedback. They gain competence to:

  • Answer questions on the spot
  • Deliver better sales presentations
  • Boost management skills
  • Foster productive work relationships
  • Develop and present ideas effectively
  • Sharpen listening skills

How can employers provide Toastmasters training to their employees?

  • Sponsor a corporate club. District 42 has several successful corporate clubs that provide excellent models of cost-effective employee training.
  • Underwrite membership dues for employees who join local community clubs. Find District 42’s clubs here.
  • Encourage employees to join local community clubs. Contact local clubs to learn how they can promote Toastmasters to your employees and invite members to speak to your workforce.

To learn more about how you can involve your employees in inexpensive Toastmasters training, contact our District Club Growth Director Dunstant Taylor.

This section of the Toastmasters District 42 site offers resources for employers interested in cost-effective enhancements in their training programs through the communication and leadership offerings that Toastmasters provides: