I am so excited to be part of this year’s District Leadership team.  This is a great opportunity for me to give back to this organization where leaders are made and to help our clubs succeed.  One of the initiatives that was introduced in the past couple of years was the 30-60-90 days plan to help clubs stay informed on what needs to be accomplished to reduce any surprises.

30-60-90 Days Plan

Round 1:

  • Club Officer Training was completed on August 31.
  • The Club Success Plan needs to be completed and submitted to your AD.
  • August 1 – Sept 30 is the “Smedley Award” Toastmaster International incentives (add 5 new, reinstated or dual members)
  • September 04:  Division Directors Bi-monthly meetings.
  • September 10:  District Executive Committee (DEC) Special Meeting.  (District Leaders)
  • September 25: The District Council (DC) Meeting – The Notice of Meeting sent out, pre-register HERE ( REQUIRED by Sept. 10; no exceptions). (District Leaders, Club Presidents and Club VPEs.)
  • September 30:  Smedley Award Incentive ends.
  • October 02:  All Leaders Call (Division & Area Directors)
  • October 31: Last day to complete Club Fitness Award (Club Success Plans, Moments of Truth, and Club Roster confirmation)

Round 2: 

  • Club Officer Training begins November 1, 2023, through February 28, 2024,
  • November 06:  Division Directors Bi-monthly meetings.
  • November 25:  Of The Year Awards special event.

The District Calendar is available for you to continue to be updated with District events.  If your club is celebrating an upcoming special event (i.e.: Open house, anniversary) you would like to post on the District calendar, simply fill out the Submit New Event Form.


Michelle Ryerson, DTM
D42 Administration Manager 2023-2024

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