Meet the Presenters and Session Info for August 18th, 2018

Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Summer 2018

Award-winning Toastmasters share their knowledge and experiences in the Toastmasters program and how they have used these skills in their professional and personal life.     (Limited space – register today via Eventbrite!)

Session Information – Keynote
Presenter: John McDonald

Why Pathways? Pathways is here to stay. Overcoming fears of being ‘online’ and embracing change will help your club grow. Remember … new members are looking to you for guidance!

John McDonald, ACS, ALBAs a lifelong learner and trainer, John McDonald has traveled the world, taking the ‘scary’ away from seemingly complex systems. He is here today to talk about Pathways, and importantly, why Pathways is here, and why you should embrace the change in the learning environment.

Session Information – Pathways Base Camp Manager
Presenter: John McDonald

Pathways BCM?
Pathways is new, and so are you. What are some things that you now need to know as a Base Camp Manager in your club? Join this session to learn of the most common tasks that you members will need you to help them with. Bring questions. You members will appreciate it!

John McDonald, ACS, ALBJohn McDonald is the outgoing President of MVP Advanced, and due to his training as a Pathways Guide is remaining on the Club Executive team as Secretary … one of the Base Camp Manager positions. He is here today to help you learn some of the most common tasks a BCM will need to perform for their club, and to remove any misconceptions you may have about Pathways.

Session Information – Pathways -What Do I Do Now?
Presenter: Jocelyn Hastie

Pathways Tips, Tricks and Traps
Do you wonder which path to select?
Are you frustrated with technical aspects of Pathways?
Are you looking for resources to help you with Pathways?
You’ve come to the right place. Toastmasters is “Where leaders are made” and Pathways is the program that will enhance our ability to do that. All new members are Pathways members, and they need the support of existing members. We are all on the learning curve together, and this session will highlight the most common roadblocks Pathways Guides have encountered in helping members move along their Paths.

Jocelyn Hastie, ACG, ALB, VC2 Jocelyn Hastie jumped into the deep end two years ago, joining Toastmasters as President of the High River club at Charter. Division D President of the Year and District 42 Rookie of the Year, she also competed on the District stage in both the International Speech and Table Topics contests. As a Pathways Guide, and now Division D Director, she is convinced of the merits of the Toastmasters program, and Pathways in particular. She is committed to increasing acceptance of this new program within Toastmasters, and increasing awareness of it in the community.

Session Information – COT President
Presenter: Ken Humphreys

(to be trained as President) Presidents and future potential Presidents will learn in this session how to effectively lead their Executive team through finding and managing resources, setting goals, creating a plan and stewarding that plan to build a more successful club.
Presenter Biography

Ken Humphreys, ACS, ALB has been a Toastmaster for over 5 years during which he has led the rebuild of two clubs, served as an Area Director, successful club coach, and nearly every club officer role including 4 terms as President. He enjoys attending fun yet effective Toastmasters meetings where people are not afraid to experiment. Ken is on track to receive his DTM before the end of 2018. In his non-Toastmaster spare time he can be found reading a good book, enjoying a pint with friends, or covered in grease under the racecar he shares with his brothers.

Session Information – COT VP Education
Presenters: Saya Sanyal

VP Education session info:
The role of VP Education is a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding one. With Pathways having been rolled out a few months ago in our region, this will be the first year that you will have to work with both the educational streams of the Toastmasters program. At this session, you will receive information about the functions and responsibilities of this executive position, where you can find resources to help you do your job well, and real-world solutions to situations that may come up at the club level.

Session Information – COT VP of Membership
Presenters: Nandini Venkatesan, DTM and Jennifer D’Amico, CC/CL

Membership: Accelerate Your Growth!
Vrrrooom! Rev up the Membership in your Club! Come on a fun filled road trip – brainstorming ideas, learning membership secrets and sharing resources. Discover marketing tips to share the benefits of Pathways and recruit new members. Together we can help build our membership and make our clubs even stronger!
Our VP of Membership training will be delivered by two enthusiastic and dedicated leaders who passionately believe in the value of Toastmasters. They both have held Executive roles, believe in the power of mentoring and will inspire you with strategies to empower your leaders.
Nandini Venkatesan,DTM is an educator, Pathways Ambassador, and a charter member of Igniters. She has facilitated many officer trainings and workshops. Nandini has won several District leadership awards and believes strongly in helping others grow.
Jennifer D’Amico, CC/CLis a 4yearToastmasters and immediate Past-President of the ShawMasters Toastmasters club. Having held the roles of Secretary, VP Education, VP Membership and President, she’s excited to share what her experiences have been with toastmasters and the opportunities that the VP Membership has to set the tone for an exceptional club experience.

Session Information – COT VP of Public Relations
Presenter: Brenda Patterson

Let’s get the secret out! From newly graduated professionals to mid-life career changers, everyone is looking to develop communication and leadership skills. This interactive session is to discover ways to announce and share your club information. How to attract guests, how to retain members, and what you can do to promote and share the exciting news about your club.

Brenda Patterson, ACG, CL, Toastmaster of the Year 2015-16, Area Director of the Year 2016-17

Session Information – COT Secretary
Presenter: Lynette Theriault

Secretary – noun:
An officer of an organization or society responsible for its records and correspondence.
Sounds kind of boring, doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t have to be. There have been some very prestigious secretaries throughout history and pop culture. Take Miss Moneypenny for example; where would James Bond be without her? Just like James Bond, your Toastmasters Club needs you, the Secretary, to help keep everything organized and following the rules. In this dynamic session, you will learn your responsibilities as Secretary both outside the meetings and during the meetings and how to help lead your club to success.

Session information – COT Treasurer
Presenter: Valerie Erickson

Congratulations on your election! As treasurer you are the club’s accountant. You are responsible for managing the bank account, collecting dues and submitting forms to World Headquarters. In todays session you will learn how to manage your clubs bank account, and keep accurate records. You will learn how to log in, submit forms and pay dues to World Headquarters. We will brainstorm together ideas to make your role successful within your club. This is an interactive hands-on and practical learning session.

Val Erickson DTM, has been a Toastmaster with Transformers Toastmasters club for over 16 years during which time she has coached and mentored numerous clubs and members. She is a charter member and helped create 2 new Toastmaster clubs. She has served in every executive role numerous times, especially in the roles of President and Treasurer. She enjoys belonging to the Toastmaster community and loves the people as much as the program building many lasting friendships in the process. Val is an avid outdoors woman, spending time hiking, golfing, camping, skiing, snowshoeing with family and friends. She’s a wife, and mother to 2 grown children.

Session information– COT Sergeant At Arms
Presenter: Abraham George, DTM

THIS is the BEST club officer role. If someone tells you otherwise, then invite them to join you at this training session! Attend this session, and hear Abraham make up stuff! You’ll have fun!


Session Information –non-COT of the year awards ”Begin with the End in Mind”
Presenters: Lynette Theriault and Saya Sanyal

Begin with the End in Mind
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be Toastmaster of the Year? Or perhaps you want to ensure that the new member who joined and is doing such amazing things gets properly recognized as the Rookie of the Year. This session will give you the tools and information you need to understand what it takes to win one of these prestigious awards and how to run the campaign in your clubs to give your fellow members the recognition they deserve. We want you and your club to start thinking and planning ahead for these awards for next year…to begin the year with the end in mind.

Lynette Theriault, ACS, ALB and Saya Sanyal, ACS, ALB …two sides of the same coin; two halves of the same brain; each complementing the other. Individually, they are driven in their quest to reach the summit of the Toastmasters program, but together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Contests, club officer roles, education achievements, and getting Of The Year Awards…they’ve done it all. Lynette Theriault and Saya Sanyal…both Advanced Communicators; both Advanced Leaders; both on the path to reach DTM. Two women – one mission…to prove that Toastmasters really is where leaders are made!

Session Information – non-COT “Circle of Gold”
Presenter: Darlene Davies

The Power of Circle of Gold
Whether you want to strengthen your club, area or division, a Circle of Gold is a powerful tool. Circle of Gold is a peer mentoring program that can be adapted for members seeking to take their speaking, evaluation and leadership skills to the next level – or for members exploring Pathways. In this interactive session, you will see how easy it is to start a Circle of Gold and will feel the power of members helping each other become the best they can be.

Darlene Davies, DTM, is the D42 resource for Circle of Gold and has coordinated Circle of Gold sessions at every level for the past 14 years. She is a Pathways Ambassador and enthusiastic Toastmaster.

Session information – non-COT “Adapting to Change and Technology”
Presenters: Daryl Des Marais and Shuchita Ukidave

“Adapting to Change and Technology”
Adapting to Change and Technology will provide Ten Tips for Dealing with Change in an Interactive Session with Audience Participation in Going through Change in a Toastmaster’s environment and turn it into a Leadership Opportunity with ShuchitaUkidave, Club President, Area Director, Pathways Icebreaker Completed and Workshop Speaker on Club Coach, Mentor, Sponsors and her Journey and Inspiring Story as a Leader Dealing with Change and Challenges in Technology and Toastmasters Successfully.

Daryl Des Marais, ACG, ALB has held positions in VP Marketing, VP Education, Contest Chair, Spring TLI Speaker, Evaluated Professional Winning Speakers and Participated in Club and Area Contests. He has helped Professionals in Transition through Change in the Toastmasters Program from Culturally Diverse Groups and become Greater Leaders.

Session information – non-COT “Mentoring”
Presenter: Mona Cooley

Now Mentoring Plus
Mentoring was born, Mentoring expanded throughout District 42 and 99 and Now Mentoring Plus advances Mentoring to Team Mentoring.Is your club struggling to have enough mentors? Is time a factor why members are not becoming mentors? Not sure how to get started?A Big Shout Out to Mona’s mentors who helped her prepare for this presentation.
Get ready to Rock and Roll to get the tools to implement team mentoring at your next club meeting.

Mona Cooley, DTM. In her 20 years with Toastmastersshe led District 42 to Distinguished, the first time in six years. Toastmasters prepared her for starting her own company, Cool Family Solutions, in 2008 which has expanded into Rural Areas.

Session information – non-COT “Roberts Rules of Order”
Presenter: Grant Hanna

Roberts Rules of Order
To accomplish the goals of a meeting, the organizer needs to be aware of the requirements of success. When the meeting is ‘to take action’ the usual ‘manner’ is called ‘rules of order’ and those published by General Henry Roberts have become the standard. The session will invite the audience to help the ‘chair’ conduct a meeting ‘to take an action’

Grant Hanna, DTM. The ‘chair’ (Grant Hanna) is a Toastmaster who first became acquainted with the ‘rules’ at a meeting with Chinook Toastmasters. Being besieged with ‘points of order’, he undertook to become familiar with the rules. He has served as Parliamentarian for District 42 on 3 occasions and served as parliamentarian for several outside groups. He continues to practice and learn about the subtleties of the rules in the three clubs he attends. Come and enjoy the fun as Grant pretends to be a novice chairman who does not know the rules. It will be enjoyable for both the novice and the experience.

Session information – non-COT “Team Building”
Presenter: Randy Maus

Team Building
Great clubsthrive because of those who have taken on the leadership responsibilities to steward the club and move it forward. Sometimes, this falls on just a few individuals or even a single person. This is not sustainable or healthy for the club and it works much better when the entire team contributes. Come and learn insights into building your team, engaging other members and leaders in your club and creating a strong club culture.

Randy Maus, CC, CL.A leader all his life, Randy uses his extensive experience as a leadership coach, team facilitator and speaker to make leaders better and create transformational change for his clients and their organizations. With a portfolio that includes leading teams from just a few to a few hundred, he understand the challenges leaders face at every level in creating powerful work cultures that result in highly effective teams. His company, Front of the Room Leadership is headquartered in Western Canada and operates across North America.

Session information – non-COT “Engage from the Stage”
Presenter: Anthony Sanni

“Engage from the stage”
No more boring speeches: tools and techniques for creating engaging keynotes and seminars
Attention is the currency of persuasion and your audience’s attention is getting more and more difficult to capture and hold. This is even more difficult in traditionally longer and one-way speaking formats like keynotes and seminars.

Choose this session if you want to learn practical and actionable techniques to apply to your presentations to ensure your audience stays awake and engaged throughout your speech. Discover the difference between engagement and interaction; learn how to grab and hold attention; and explore speaker-audience dynamics, advanced pacing techniques and more. This session is best suited for you if you are already comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and are looking to elevate your skills.

Anthony Sanni, DTM. Anthony helps people produce their best work and present their best selves. He is a productivity and persuasive presentation skills expert who works with individuals and organizations who want to make greater impact and achieve greater success. He is a public-speaking coach, a dynamic, energetic and engaging professional speaker, and personal image consultant. He has published dozens of articles on themes of productivity and persuasive public-speaking. He is a Distinguished Toastmaster and a past District 42 Toastmaster of the Year.

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Meet Michael, Event Chair of Calgary TLI Summer 2018

Meet Michael, our TLI event chair.

With 10 years experience as a Toastmaster, he has a track record of success: completing 5 club executive roles as well as being an Area Director. Michael knows the importance of developing Leadership Skills that are transferable to his professional and personal life.

Michael invites you to attend this Toastmaster Leadership Institute event. Sessions have been selected and crafted for optimal personal development. Michael looks forward to meeting you on Saturday, August 18th.

You will receive value from this event if:
– you want to learn from successful & experienced leaders
– you are interested in leadership strategies to obtain results
– you want transferable skills to take to your professional & personal life
– you are a newly-elected club officer (COT)
– you are curious about the Toastmasters new education program “Pathways”
– you want to make a difference as a leader!

Saturday, August 18th, 2018      9 am – 4 pm
Suncor Energy Centre, West Tower (pre-registration required)

$20 for a full day of interactive, educational sessions, including keynote speaker, Toastmasters inspired game, and refreshments and lunch.

This is a green event because leaders make a difference in the small things too!

Limited seating, register now via Eventbrite


Hosted by Divisions C, D & E. For more information email to


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Crush your leadership role – Successful leaders share how!

Are you committed to success in your leadership roles?
Toastmasters Leadership Institute- Summer 2018, is FOR YOU.

You will receive value from this event if:
– you want to learn from successful & experienced leaders
– you are interested in leadership strategies to obtain results
– you want transferable skills to take to your professional & personal life
– you are a newly-elected club officer (COT)
– you are curious about the Toastmasters new education program “Pathways”
– you want to make a difference as a leader!

Saturday, August 18th, 2018      9 am – 4 pm
Suncor Energy Centre, West Tower (pre-registration required)

$20 for a full day of interactive, educational sessions, including keynote speaker, Toastmasters inspired game, and refreshments and lunch.

This is a green event because leaders make a difference in the small things too!

Limited seating, register now via Eventbrite


Hosted by Divisions C, D & E. For more information email to


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