Online Meeting Resources

Do You Need Some One-on-One Zoom Support?

The District 42 Tech team will help you navigate the basic meeting controls in Zoom. In these 15-minute one-on-sessions you will receive support from Tech team members on key features for successful online meetings and events:

If you are a meeting participant, you will get tips on:

  • Audio Video Chat
  • Screen Name
  • Speaker/ Gallery View

If you are meeting host:

  • Same as a previous and
  • Mute/Unmute Audio for all
  • Host/ Co-Host
  • Turn On/Off Video for all

If you are a Speech Contestant:

  • Checking your Background
  • Checking your Camera and Lighting
  • Checking your Connection
  • Checking your Audio 

Be Online ready with the help of an expert. Email to book one-on-one Zoom support for your club. 

Publicize Your Online Club 

An email template has been created for Vice Presidents Public Relations (VPPRs) to publicize their online club through their local media. The template can be found here, customized by replacing the bolded text with the appropriate club information, and shared with the local media via email. A list of media outlets in your area for you to contact can be accessed through Email with any questions.

Do You Need Access to Online Technology?

To have an online Club meeting scheduled on D42’s Zoom Accounts

1. Email
2. Provide:

  • Club name
  • Meeting Day
  • Meeting Time
  • List of dates for meetings from today to June 30, 2020
  • Do you need a poll Setup?

The Online Tech Team will book your times and provide you with your Zoom link.
Join the District 42 Facebook Group: D42 Online Club Meetings

Click Here for a list of District 42 Clubs already meeting online.

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