Club Sponsor and Club Mentor Resources

Updated June 30,2023

The training materials and guides listed here will help ensure that budding clubs have a strong foundation to grow, and that struggling clubs have the support they need to get back on their feet.

The tools and resources in this handbook can guide club officers in creating strategies for success and in fulfilling their duties as a leader.

The Better Speaker Series modules are designed as 10-minute educational presentations. We recommend keeping the presentations to 5 to 7 minutes.

This handbook provides the information you need to conduct dynamic and effective club meetings.

A second great resource is “A Toastmaster wears many hats

Here is an electronic link to the Pathways Level One material until such time as the club charters and then the members will then have full access.   It provides access to the following level-one projects:

  1. Ice Breaker;
  2. Writing a speech with purpose;
  3. Introduction to Vocal Variety and Body Language; and
  4. Evaluation and Feedback;

Once Toastmaster International (New Clubs unit) assigns a club number, you can request a Free Toast Host website.

Below is the link to go to request a website. Use your contact information for the initial submission of a club website request, so that you can manage emails that will be sent and get the necessary information to be able to proceed. Ensure that the club contact email is correct with Toastmasters International, then go through the request on the below-mentioned page.

Once your request has been approved you will receive an e-mail indicating that Your FreeToastHost Website has been setup and is ready to go!  They will provide you with an e-mail link and a temporary password. You can change the password by logging in as the website administrator, launching the Admin Console, then accessing the Administrator Info tab to change the password.

For documentation, quick start guide, and support, please visit

Once you develop the agenda template you can add meeting forms for each role. Use the following how-to video provided by Nadia Brante of Fish Creek Bravehearts.

The Club Success Plan is a helpful tool to assist your club in achieving Distinguished status. This plan is broken into five sections, along with an area to list contributing members and a list of created action items. With a solid plan and teamwork, your club will become Distinguished or better!

This resource can be used to help plan club programs around needs and interests as well as help members communicate their objectives and goals.

Moments of Truth outlines how to create a positive first impression of your club and recognize and deal with situations critical to the club.

  1. A dual member” is a member who maintains active membership in more than one
  2. “A reinstating member” is a member with a break in membership who does not hold an active, paid status in any club. Once their membership lapses, they are no longer a paid member and, therefore, not considered a current member. 
  3. A transfer member” is an active member (in one club only) who has paid dues for the current period and wishes to transfer their membership from the club they paid to another club instead. 

In terms of chartering a new club, the minimum membership requirement is to have 20 members; no more than three of these 20 members may actively be registered with another club along with the chartering club (dual members). The remaining 17 membership slots may be filled by any combination of new, reinstated, or transferred members.

Below is a link to tools to help with the club officer roles.  These do not replace the training sessions that are held twice a year.

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